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News & Announcements

Campus IT reorganization plan published

The Provost’s office has published its report on campus IT reorganization, and have opened a comment period through September 30. CASIT employees and services will be transferred to Central IS or to UO Libraries. CAS faculty, staff and GTFs with questions about the reorganization are asked to contact Hal Sadofsky, Associate Dean, Natural Sciences.

Link to report

Link to comment form



Research Electronic Data Capture software service


REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture), a secure, web-based application for building and managing online research surveys and databases, is a premier tool for supporting UO research efforts with the goals of better collaboration and easier data management. REDCap can be used to rapidly develop projects via a point and click interface or by creating a “data dictionary” template file in Microsoft Excel that can easily be uploaded into the application. We offer REDCap as a free resource for UO researchers and their external team members.

REDCap is a preferred data


Help Articles

Mapping File Shares in Windows 10

Adding a File Share

Step 1

1. Click on the Windows icon then click on File Explorer

2. Click on This PC in the navigation pane

3. Click on the Computer tab then click Map network drive.

Step 2

1. In the Map Network Drive window, click on the drive letter drop-down menu.

2. Click on I:

3. In the Folder: field type in the file share path.

For department shares: cas-fs1DepartmentShareName For individual shares: cas-fs1Home

Note: You can paste in the new path if you have copied it from other documentation.

4. Make sure the Reconnect at logon check box is checked.

5. Make sure the



Vericite Anti-Plagiarism Tool for Canvas

Vericite Plagiarism Detection for Canvas

The Canvas LMS now has a plagiarism detection tool: Vericite–a cloud-based technology that identifies plagiarized and improperly cited text. This service works as an external tool integrated within Canvas and will allow instructors instant access to scanned submissions and will also check papers and essays against the ever-growing online repository of materials with campus-wide databases of materials.

The specific details of how it works within the UO Canvas instance can be found here.