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News & Announcements

Requesting a Training Session

Resources for Content Accessibility


This post is a compilation of University resources regarding content accessibility specifically focused on Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat.

Creating accessible Word Documents and PDFs

The Center for Media and Educational Technologies (CMET) conducted a training session on how to create accessible files using a Windows-based machine. Links to their documentation can be found in the Tutorials section below.

Additionally, Microsoft Office Support has documentation on how to ensure that your Word documents are accessible. Tips include how to add alt text to images, tables, charts,



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The inventory.uoregon tool and Property Control

This is a message about the CASIT-provided inventory tool ( and its relationship to UO Property Control, specifically the tracking of high risk equipment.

It is the responsibility of each CAS department and program to work with Property Control to track their high risk assets.

There are several ways that this can be accomplished; and to explore those, please contact Property Control ( to discuss your options. Whatever option you choose, inventory.uoregon can aid you in your efforts.

Please note that CASIT does not track


Help Articles

Outlook logo

Outlook 2016 Calendar View Permissions


This article is designed to guide Outlook 2016 users through the access levels and settings for sharing their calendar to other people.


Calendar permissions in Outlook 2016 are designed to show your calendar to anyone you wish at a desired detailed level ranging from everything to nothing at all. This article will provide an overview of how roles are assigned and the access that each role provides.

Using the Desktop app

Outlook 2016 for Windows and Mac use the same methodology in assigning roles to whomever you decide. The route getting to those settings differs by operating



Vericite Anti-Plagiarism Tool for Canvas logo

Vericite Plagiarism Detection for Canvas

The Canvas LMS now has a plagiarism detection tool: Vericite–a cloud-based technology that identifies plagiarized and improperly cited text. This service works as an external tool integrated within Canvas and will allow instructors instant access to scanned submissions and will also check papers and essays against the ever-growing online repository of materials with campus-wide databases of materials.

The specific details of how it works within the UO Canvas instance can be found here.