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News & Announcements

Widespread security incidents with UO printers

Outside attacks on printers are a widespread problem on campus right now. Many printers are being taken over and used to launch attacks on other computers.

When UO Information Services’ security team detects a printer in CAS that they suspect is a security threat, they send this information to CASIT.

While the ideal solution would be to block all such attacks via an edge-of-campus firewall, that is unfortunately outside CASIT’s scope and could only be implemented by UO Network Services.

CASIT is therefore examining each potentially compromised printer individually to change



Canvas Logo

Canvas Overview


This post is to assist instructors with getting started with Canvas–the new learning management system succeeding Blackboard. The links below are connected to articles from the extensive Canvas knowledge base which can be found in their entirety by clicking here.

If you would like any further assistance, please feel free to contact CASIT Training with any questions or call 346-5017.

Click on one of the links below to proceed:

Getting Started

Go to the UO Canvas home page ( and sign in using your DuckID and password (Shibboleth authentication)



Help Articles

Forwarding UO email to Gmail


This post is designed to guide you through the process of forwarding email from your account to Google’s Gmail service.

To have access to Gmail (and the entire Google Apps Suite) within CAS, you may submit your request by filling out this form. Additionally, this post will use Outlook for Mac 2011 to show how to setup forwarding rules. For another platform or any questions, please contact CASIT.

Click any of the section titles below to proceed.

Adding Rules for Forwarding

Once your Exchange account has been set up, your mail will need to be forwarded to your CAS



Vericite Anti-Plagiarism Tool for Canvas

Vericite Plagiarism Detection for Canvas

The Canvas LMS now has a plagiarism detection tool: Vericite by Longsight Technologies–a cloud-based technology that identifies plagiarized and improperly cited text. This service works as an external tool integrated within Canvas and will allow instructors instant access to scanned submissions and will also check papers and essays against the ever-growing online repository of materials with campus-wide databases of materials.

The specific details of how it works within the UO Canvas instance can be found here.