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Creating PDF files in Acrobat Pro (Mac)


This article is designed to guide you through creating PDF files using Acrobat Pro for Mac. This process is helpful for sharing documentation with colleagues or students without needing to worry about creating multiple formats for distribution. PDF files are nearly universal across all operating systems that have a PDF reader installed. Some of which include: Adobe Reader (Windows and Mac) and Preview (Mac only).

For completing this process on a Windows machine, click here.

From existing file:

Open Acrobat Pro, click on Create PDF

 If the program is already open, click File, and select New

 Single File PDF Start Screen

Click on the desired file to convert then click Open:


Your file will be come up as a PDF file in a separate window:

Click the File menu, then choose Save As. The file name will carry over from the original format.


Enabling recognizable text using OCR (for scanned files only)

Acrobat can also recognize individual words and characters through optical character recognition (OCR)

  • Note: For digital files with renderable text (e.g., Word documents), this step is not necessary. If you are working from a scanned file, OCR will enable the text to be recognized for selection

To use the OCR tool, click on the Tools menu near the upper right hand corner of the window, then select Text Recognition.

For activating OCR to an existing file so that you can read scanned text.

Select In This File, select a Pages option (All, current, range), then click OK.

 OCR Settings for one page, a range of pages, or the full document.

Acrobat makes the words and other characters (symbols and punctuation) into searchable images that can be selected by your mouse pointer.

  • Click File, then Save.

From multiple files:

Open Acrobat Pro, click on Combine Files into PDF.

If the program is open, click on File, highlight Create, then select Combine Files into PDF.

Combine-Start Screen

Upon doing so, there are several options:

Files can be dragged and dropped into the box.


Files can be brought in from the Add Files menu.

Existing files and folders, web content, and scanned files (direct from scanner).


Once all files are in the box, they can be rearranged by drag and drop into the desired page order.


(Optional): Under the Options menu (upper right-hand corner), file size, type (single file or portfolio), and other options can be enabled.


Upon completing these steps, choose Save As from the File menu. Name the file accordingly.