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About Your Migrated Data

Email, calendar, & contacts

Data we migrated

We migrated the following [Microsoft Outlook/Lotus Notes] data to your Google Apps account:

  • All of the email in your Inbox (including subfolders) and Sent Items
  • All of your calendar events
  • All of your personal contacts

Data we didn’t migrate

The following [Outlook/Notes] data wasn’t migrated to your Google Apps account. In most cases, however, you can set up or restore the data in Google Apps.

Data not migrated Able to restore in Google Apps?
Calender events Yes. You can send out new invitations for events you host, and request invitations from events you are attending.
Your personal contacts Yes. You can use a Google tool to migrate your contacts.
Rules you set up for email Yes. You can use email filters.
Your email signature Yes. You can recreate your signature, using options to format the text and add links and images.

Note that you can set up only one signature at this time.

Your PST files on your desktop (email stored under Personal Folders) Yes. You can use a Google tool to upload PST files and store them in your online email archive.
Your email Archive on your desktop (NSF files) No. <>
Messages in your Drafts and Outbox folders
Gmail includes a Drafts folder, but not an Outbox. You can copy and paste the text of your messages in your Draft and Outbox folders to new messages in Gmail.
[Your Outlook Tasks/Notes To Do List] Yes, your Mail and Calendar windows have a Task gadget that lets you create “to do” lists. You can also drag email messages to the list for follow-up.
Message flags (such as Important and Follow-up) Yes, for messages in your Inbox, you can use email labels and “stars.” However, you can’t send a flag with a message that recipients can see.
Public (shared) folders No, shared folders are not available at this time.
Shared mailboxes Yes, we can set up an account that can be shared.

Alternatively, you can:

Share your mailbox with others using the Grant access option in your Mail settings. <>
Set up a Google group and select the option let members reply on behalf of the group. <>

Attachments in calendar events Yes. You can add links to documents on the intranet or to any of your Google documents. Alternatively, you can send attachments in a separate email message to invitees.

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