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Calendar Basics

Scheduling, invitations, attachments, & printing

Your calendar view
Schedule a meeting
Invite attendees and enter meeting details

Invite attendees
Book a room or other resource for your meeting
Set a reminder for your meeting
Set up a recurring meeting

Add an attachment to a meeting invitation
Print your calendar

Your calendar view

Open Google Calendar. You’ll see your calendar weekly view. For example:

To change your calendar view, click the tabs in the upper-right corner of the view:

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Schedule a meeting

You can schedule a meeting by clicking the Create Event link or by just clicking right on your calendar view.

1. Open Google Calendar.
2. Do either of the following:
Option 1: In the upper-left of your calendar, click Create Event to open the event details page.

Option 2: Or, click a spot on your calendar to create a 1-hour event, or click and drag to create an event of more than 1 hour. Then type the event title in the box. For example:

Click Create Event to immediately publish the event, or click edit event details to continue setting up the event. If you have multiple calendars, be sure to select the correct calendar from the drop down list.
3. Enter details, such as recurrence, attendees, an agenda, and a reminder. Public calendar events must be set to Public or they will show as busy on shared calendars!

4. Click Save.

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Invite attendees and enter meeting details

If you’ve already scheduled and published your meeting, you can edit its details by clicking the title of the meeting on your calendar:

Note: Once you’ve finished entering meeting details, click Save at the bottom of the meeting details page.

To invite attendees:

1. Open your meeting.

2. Click Check guest and resource availability.

3. In the Find a Time window, in the Attendees field, enter the first few letters of an attendee’s full name to look up the address in your corporate directory.

Important: You can add a group (mailing list) address to the attendees list, if your administrator set up groups for your domain. Or, you can create your own contact group in your personal contact. Click Contacts at the top of your Calendar window.

4. In the Find a Time window, check availability of attendees. This window shows the free/busy information for any employee[, even those still using Outlook]. If necessary, use the options in the window to change the time for your meeting.

5. Click OK.

Alternatively, you can invite attendees as follows: In the Guests box on the right, enter the email addresses of the people you’re inviting, or click the Choose from contacts link to open the Contacts Picker, with which you can find addresses of [company name] employees, or add a contact group that you already created.

Important: If you copy and paste an attendee list from Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar, you must change the semicolons that separate the addresses to commas. (Applies to Outlook only.)

6. Optionally, in the Guests box on the right, let attendees invite more people to your event or view who else was invited.

7. Click Save.

Google Calendar asks you whether you want to send invitations to the attendees. Your attendees can respond to the meeting invitation and leave comments.

To book a room or other resource for your meeting:

1. Open your meeting.

2. Click Check guest and resource availability.

3. In the Find a Time window, under Where, do either of the following:

Start typing any part of the room or other resource’s name in the “filter room” box. A list of matching resources appears in the list. For example:

Browse the list to find the room or other resource you want to book. For example:

4. Check if the resource is available during the time of your meeting:

Resource available
Resource not available

5. To book a resource or to see all of its free/busy times, select it in the list, and then click Add. If necessary, use the options in the window to change the time for your meeting.

Click OK.

To set a reminder for your meeting:

1. Open your meeting.

2. In the Options box on the right, choose the type of reminder you want (pop-up or email message) and when you want to receive it:

To add more reminders, click Add a reminder.

To set up a recurring meeting:

1. Open your meeting.

2. Select an option in the Repeats drop-down list:

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Add an attachment to a meeting invitation

At this time, Google Calendar doesn’t let you add a file attachment directly to a meeting invitation. However, you can add a link to a document on your intranet or to a document you created in Google Docs.
To attach a Microsoft Office document, you can upload it first to Google Docs (which converts it to the Google Docs format), and then add the URL to the Google Document to your event. Alternatively, send the attachment in a separate email message.
1. Open your meeting.

2. Copy and paste the URL to the document in the Description field:

1. Make sure the Attach Google Docs Calendar Lab is enabled: Click Settings > Labs.
2. Open your meeting.
3. In the meeting details, click Attach a Google Document.

Note: Alternatively, you can do either of the following:

  • Send the attachment in a separate email message to attendees.
  • Schedule the event through Gmail: Compose a new message and attach the file. Then click Add event invitation and enter information about the event (available for domains in the U.S. only).

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Print your calendar

1. Make sure the calendars you want to print are selected in your list under My Calendars. If not, simply select the calendars to highlight them.

2. At the top of the calendar view, select the view you want to print; for example, Day or Week:

3. At the top of the calendar view, click Print.

In the Calendar Print Preview window, you can select a font size, page orientation, and other options.

4. Select the options you want, and then click Print.

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