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Copy Your Calendar to Google Apps

From Microsoft Outlook

The first time you access your Google Apps account, your calendar will likely be empty or show only a few new meeting invitations. However, you can recreate your calendar manually by:

  • Sending new invitations for meetings you previously scheduled in Outlook.
  • Requesting others to send you new invitations to events to which you were previously invited

Here’s how:

1. Open your Outlook Calendar and display the Week or Month view.
2. Open your Google calendar, so you have both calendars open side-by-side. Display the Weekly or Monthly view.
3. Open one event at a time in Outlook and do the following:

If you originally scheduled the meeting, add a new meeting for it on your Google calendar. Make sure you add all the meeting details that were in the Outlook invitation, including recurrence, reminders, agenda, attendees and so on.

Some tips for recreating your meetings:

  • Google Calendar doesn’t support file attachments, so if the meeting has an attachment, send it in a separate email message after your send your new invitation.
  • If you copy a list of attendees from Outlook Calendar, ensure you change the semicolons that separate the addresses to commas. (Applies to Outlook only.)
  • In your invitation to attendees, you might want to indicate why you’re sending a new invitation and tell them to delete the original meeting from their calendars (to avoid having duplicate events). Here’s an example:

    “I’m sending you a new invitation to this meeting because I’ve just moved over to Google Calendar and need to recreate my scheduled meetings. Please accept this new invitation for [name of meeting]. If you already have this meeting on your calendar, please delete that old entry for it on your calendar.”

  • If you were invited to the meeting, send an email message to the meeting organizer, requesting a new invitation. Your message might include a note about why you need to a new invitation. Here’s an example:

    “I’ve just moved over to Google Calendar, and I need to recreate my calendar. Please send me a new invitation to [name of meeting] so it will appear on my new calendar.”