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Act as delegate in Google Apps Sync

Add account
Access mail
Access calendar

Add account

If someone in your organization such as your manager grants you access to their Gmail or Google Calendar account, you can use Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook® to manage that person’s mail or calendar from Outlook.

  1. Have your manager grant you access to their Gmail account and/or Google Calendar (follow each link for instructions on doing this).
  2. Go to the Windows Start menu, open All Programs, and choose Google Apps Sync > Add account for delegation.

  3. From the dialog, choose your Google Apps profile (if more than one Outlook profile is available). Then enter your manager’s Email address.

  4. If you’re accessing your manager’s calendar, configure your calendar notifications to receive his or her calendar notifications in your own mail Inbox.How to configure notifications
    1. Sign in to Google Calendar, Click the gear icon in the upper-right and select Gmail settings, and open the Calendars tab.
    2. Click the Notifications tab next to your manager’s calendar (that’s been shared with you).
    3. Check the Email box for each type of notification you want to receive (for new invitations, changed invitations, and so on).
  5. If you’ve been granted access to your manager’s calendar but not their email, configure your Gmail settings to send mail from the manager’s address, as described below. (If you have access to the manager’s email, skip this step.)Send mail from another address
    1. Sign in to Gmail and Click the gear icon in the upper-right and select Gmail settings.
    2. Click the Accounts tab.
    3. Under Send Mail as, click Add another email address you own.
    4. Enter your manager’s Name and Email address, and click Next Step.
    5. Click Send Verification. This sends an email to your manager’s address with instructions on verifying that you can send from their address (typically the manager just clicks a link in the email to verify).
  6. You can now begin sending mail and managing calendar invitations on your manager’s behalf. (Follow the links for tips on doing this.)