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Create a Tasks List: Using the Tasks gadget

Use the Tasks gadget to keep your “to do” list handy.

Open the Tasks gadget
Add a task to your list
Format your list and create additional lists
Get reminders for task due dates on your calendar

To open the Tasks gadget:

In Gmail, click Tasks in the left pane:

In Google Calendar, click the Tasks calendar under My Calendars:

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To add a task to your list:

Click the “plus” (+) icon, or simply click in the Tasks window and start typing.

Tip: You can also add email messages to the list to create items for follow-up! First, select the messages in your inbox. Then, on the More actions menu, choose Add to Tasks.

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To format your list and create additional lists:

On the Actions menu, you’ll find options to indent or move items, edit details such as a due date, print your list, and more.

Click the arrow ( > ) to the right of the current task to go directly to the Edit Details screen, where you can enter a due date.

Use the Switch List menu in the lower right to rename the list and create more lists.

To work in a separate, bigger window:

Click the Pop-out arrow in the upper-right corner:

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To get reminders for task due dates on your calendar:

On your Google Calendar, make sure the Tasks calendar is selected (highlighted with a color) under My Calendars:

If you want to turn off reminders at any time, just click the Tasks calendar in the list to de-select it.

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