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CASIT would like to remind you that backing up your computer is very important. The summer offers a great opportunity to take time to setup backups or to ensure that your backups are working as intended.

10 GB Home Folders

For CAS faculty and staff, CASIT offers access to a free 10 GB “home folder” on our servers. That can be a convenient place to save files that need to be accessed from multiple computers, or that should be carefully backed up. Please let us know if you’d like more information or you want us to show you how to easily access your home folder.

Backup Consultation

If you need to store more than 10 GB, you may need a backup solution tailored to your needs. CASIT offers consultation to assist with:

  • Windows or Mac operating systems
  • Securely sharing data with others
  • Remote or local backups
  • Any amount of data

Backup Verification

Some backup systems, despite being set up correctly and functioning to begin with, may have stopped functioning at some point. It’s a good idea to check every now and then to make sure your backup system is in full order. The worst time to discover your backups weren’t running is when you need to recover your data! If you’re unsure how to check, CASIT can help you confirm that your backup system is working as expected.

Please contact us soon, so we can get you what you need right away.
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