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Geography Data Migration to CAS-FS-Geog


On Wednesday, December 12, 2012, beginning at 8:00 AM, the data stored on the fileserver GeogData will be migrated to the new file server CAS-FS-Geog. The following events will happen at the time:

8:00 AM Access to the file shares on GeogData will be disabled for all users.
8:10 AM The data migration will begin. Migrating all the data off GeogData may take as long as four hours to complete.
11:45 AM Once the data migration is complete, final checks will be made to make sure all data was migrated. Additional security measures will be double-checked.
Noon The new CAS-FS-Geog fileserver will be brought online. Geography users may begin using the new file shares.

After the new CAS-FS-Geog fileserver comes online, any Geography users wishing to use it will first need to reboot their computer.

Using CAS-FS-Geog

After the migration, connecting to and using the new CAS-FS-Geog fileserver is very similar to the old GeogData fileserver. For most users, only the name of the server has changed. However, due to increases in ease of management and security, some file shares have been relocated to different areas on the file server. Please refer to the “GeogData to CAS-FS-Geog Share Mappings” document for more information. To connect to a file share on the new CAS-FS-Geog system, perform the following:


For Windows PCs:

1.)    Right-click on My Computer and choose Map network drive….

2.)    Choose a Drive letter to use for the connection.

3.)    Enter the Folder address of the file share, for example: \\cas-fs-geog\InfoGraphics

4.)    Select to have the drive reconnect at login or use different credentials, if needed.

5.)    Click Finish and a new window should open with the file share data.

For more information, please see Window 7 – Adding a Share Drive (PDF).


For Macintosh PCs:

1.)    Switch to the Finder application. On the menu bar select, Go then Connect to Server….

2.)    Enter the Server Address of the file share, for example: smb://cas-fs-geog/InfoGraphics

3.)    Click Connect and a new window should open with the file share data.

For more information, please see Macintosh – Adding a Share Drive (PDF) or Macintosh – Auto-connect a Share Drive at Login (PDF).