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Online Forms

CASIT would like to talk to you about upgrading your paper forms to online web-based forms. The summer offers a great opportunity to take a paper form and workflow and move it to an online system.


Your online form will be hosted on websites that can be accessed from anywhere. The results of the forms will also be accessible online. We can have the website generate reports showing the form entries in a table form. The websites will use databases to store and access the form information.

Style and Accessibility

The online forms can be styled in many ways. We make sure that all online forms meet US Section 508 accessibility standards. We make sure forms work on the desktop browser and also if required we can create one that can be used on a mobile device.


We can make the online forms have multiple levels of access. The form itself can be made accessible to everyone or only authenticated users. The results of the form can be made accessible to only admin level users or review level users. If your workflow involves form reviewers we can set up the form results to be viewed only by reviewers and we can also have fields that only reviewers can view and edit. For example, a reviewer can approve a form entry by checking a box on the same form entry.

Security and Encryption

The websites and databases that host the forms will have authentication via users’ Duck IDs that can be restricted to only a few users, or open registration. We can set up different access levels as needed, for example seperating administrators from regular users. All form entries can also be encrypted if this is needed.

Please contact us soon, so we can get you what you need right away.
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