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Canvas Overview Training Sessions


This overview is designed to give faculty hands-on experience and some personal guidance through Canvas.

By the end of the session, attendees will be able to understand Canvas navigation in general, course organization best practices, creation/management of materials and content, personal and course settings, common issues with migrated courses, and where to find support resources.

These sessions will be held in the big lab at SSIL (442 McKenzie Hall).


To get the most out of these upcoming training sessions, please verify that you are:

  1. Faculty or GTF
  2. Teaching a course in Spring term
  3. Able to have a USB drive, cloud storage access, or file share access to any necessary course files (readings, syllabi, etc.)

For faculty and GTFs

If you are teaching in Spring 2015, you will either have a course shell to work with or your course may have been imported from Blackboard already. You may still use Blackboard until September 30th, 2015 meaning you may take some time in developing your materials within Canvas if you decide.

For faculty not teaching in Spring 2015 or those on sabbatical

If you are not teaching in the spring or will be on sabbatical, at this time there will not be a course shell in Canvas upon which to build. You are more than welcome to attend to become familiar with the interface and ask any questions. The mass import of courses from Blackboard to Canvas is being done in phases from course over the last four academic terms. Older courses or those within archive on Blackboard will be imported at a later date.

For non-instructional staff

If you are a staff member and typically have access to a permanent, non-academic department page, it will not be available during this first import phase. The goal is to have those pages migrated over during Summer Term 2015.

Sign-up form

Use the sign-up form below to register for one of these sessions. If none of the dates work for your schedule, there will be more dates coming soon.

You only need to attend one training session.

All sessions will take place in the big lab at SSIL

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