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File Share

September 10, 2018

Mapping File Shares in macOS

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Adding a File Share

Step 1

On the Dock, click the Finder icon.

Mac Finder Icon


Step 2

  1. With Finder active, click Go on the menu bar.
  2. Click Connect to Server


Step 3

  1. In the new Connect to Server window, type in the file share path.
    • For department shares: casfs/DepartmentShareName
    • For individual shares: casfs/Home

    Note: You can paste in the new path if you have copied it from other documentation.

  2. Click the + button to add the address to the Favorite Servers
  3. Finally, click Connect to connect to the share.

Connect to Server dialog box with 1. Server Name field, 2. Save Address button, and 3. Connect button highlighted

Step 4

  1. In the new authentication window, choose to connect as a Registered User.
  2. Enter your Duck ID in this form (e.g. mmoresi)
  3. Type in your Duck ID password.
  4. Press Connect.

The connection sign-in dialog box with 1. Registered User radio button, 2. Name field, 3. Password field, and 4. Connect button highlighted.

That’s it, you have successfully mounted a network file share on your Mac.

November 29, 2016

Mapping File Shares in Windows 10

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Adding a File Share

Step 1

1. Click on the Windows icon then click on File Explorer