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Using Google Drive and Google Apps


This post is designed to guide Google Apps Suite users through Google Drive’s various functions. Google Drive is a web-based file repository for the office applications of Google Apps (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Drawing) and for various other formats commonly used including the Microsoft Office suite of programs and Adobe Acrobat’s PDF file format. Google Drive under the CAS Google Apps for Education works in conjunction with Gmail and other Google Apps (YouTube, Maps, etc.) to allow for a fully interactive and collaborative user experience.

In order to take advantage of the Google Apps for use on campus, please consult CASIT to create a CAS Google account for you by filling out this form.

This service is only available to CAS faculty, staff, and GTFs at this time.

Getting Started in Google Drive

Go to and sign in to your CAS Google account. You will be directed to your Drive home screen:


The Google Drive layout is similar to the Gmail layout with a few differences:

  1. A Google Search bar is available to search through your Drive.
  2. New documents (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Drawings) and other files and folders can be uploaded here. Existing and shared files (under Incoming) are here as well.
  3. All files within a particular folder (in the image above: My Drive)
  4. Gives either a description of a selected file or an activity feed of accessed files.

To open a file or folder once it is uploaded, double-click on its title to proceed.

Note: If you have uploaded a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file, it needs to be converted to its Google counterpart in order to make any edits.

Regarding storage, those with a CAS Google account have unlimited storage.

CAS GAE Unlimited