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CAS Exchange Migration

In 2018, Information Services will begin providing Exchange mail and calendaring to new faculty and staff accounts, automatically. This change is part of a larger goal to standardize email and calendaring across campus. As a requirement for this change, CASIT must complete the following by Friday, June 15th, 2018:

  • migrate all existing IMAP ( accounts to Exchange, and
  • migrate mail and calendar portions of CAS Google Apps for Education accounts ( to Exchange.

Failure to migrate IMAP mail before the implementation of Exchange auto-provisioning will result in the loss of access to old email still residing within the IMAP system.

This communication is the first step in the Exchange migration process. In the coming weeks, we will be reaching out to affected departments to begin migration planning. If you have further concerns not yet addressed, please contact CASIT by any of the methods listed below: 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is this happening?

The reasons Information Services provided for these changes include, but are not limited to:

  • standardizing campus around one email and calendaring solution;
  • simplifying the email support requirements for IT staff by improving consistency between/within departments; and
  • ensuring a system that can provide uniform support for legal holds, records requests, and email retention.

When is this happening?

Deadline is Friday, June 15th, 2018

Who is affected?

The following affiliates with, their current access rules, will be migrated:

Affiliation Current Access
Administrative Faculty                       Start/End of Appointment
Faculty One term prior to start/one year after end of Appointment
Fixed Term Enduring Faculty One term prior to start/one year after end of Appointment
Fixed Short Term Faculty One term prior to start/Three terms after end of Appointment
Staff Start/End of Employment
Temporary Employees Start/End of Employment

Other affiliations (Associate, Courtesy, Emeritus, GTF, Retired, Student Employee) will not be provisioned automatically but, if eligible, can continue to be manually provisioned as per the current process.

At this time, no exceptions are planned except normal exceptions for delayed hiring paperwork.

What is the migration process?

The first step of the process is communicating with departments to identify any factors that would inform the migration, including scheduling needs, calendaring policies, and role accounts that may need Exchange access. When the migration timeframe arrives, CASIT ITCs will schedule individual appointments to:

  1. grant Exchange access;
  2. migrate IMAP email;
  3. configure Outlook on primary workstation;
  4. connect GAE account to Outlook to ready mail migration;
  5. migrate GAE calendar data;
  6. set up forward from GAE to Exchange;
  7. set and verify calendar permissions, according to departmental policy/need;
  8. demonstrate, email rules, and Gmail folder/label migration;
  9. connect and configure mobile and secondary devices.

At this time CASIT ITCs will also create any room calendar resources, role accounts, and other resources as requested. After this list has been completed, the user will be responsible for:

  • migrating old email and folders/labels from GAE account, and
  • recreating mail filtering rules in Outlook/Exchange.

What do I need to do to prepare for this?

In order to best prepare, please:

  • make a list of any questions to ask an ITC,
  • clean up any old mail or folders that you don’t need migrated, and
  • gather any devices that need access to your Exchange account.

Is CAS Google Apps for Education (GAE) going away?

Only your email and calendaring use will be affected by this transition.

For the time being, you will still be able to use Google Drive and Apps, through your GAE @cas.uoregon account.

Do I have to use Outlook?

For migration purposes, CASIT will be using Outlook, both locally and via After your mail is migrated, CASIT will assist you in configuring any mail client that supports Exchange. The most common are Outlook and Apple Mail.

Also, please note that the Gmail interface is not an alternative to Outlook, because Gmail does not operate with Exchange. As part of the process, your GAE mail will be forwarded to Exchange.

How can I access Exchange off campus?

Your Exchange mail and calendars are accessible off campus through a variety of methods, including:

  • email clients configured to access exchange, including Outlook and Apple Mail; and
  • mobile devices that have been configured to work with Exchange.

CASIT can help you connect your home devices. We will offer documentation, along with hands on and remote service sessions as needed.

How do I access Exchange mail and calendars on my mobile device?

Exchange access is supported on many mobile device platforms, including Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. Regarding access on any of these devices, the user has at least these options:

  • use the default mail and calendaring apps on the device, or
  • download and configure a mobile version of Outlook.

Please note that connecting to Exchange on a mobile device grants both you, and Exchange admins the ability to remotely wipe your device. If you use the mobile version of Outlook, the remote wipe is limited to Outlook app only.