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Creating and managing contacts in Gmail


This post is designed to guide users through how to create and manage contacts within Gmail.


To add or manage contacts, click on the Mail option in the upper left, then select Contacts

Upon doing so, the user will see the contact list. This will comprise of all emails sent to and from that email address.

  1. Google Search for Contacts only
  2. Add contacts (just e-mail addresses), find and merge contacts, etc.
  3. Contact reference (in alphabetical order, arrows to change pages) and the Settings menu (for Gmail)
  4. New Contact button (will take you to full new contact screen)
  5. Contact (shown with name and e-mail address, can include more information)
  6. Contact Lists (with counts), Groups, and Google Hangouts (video chat, default to only other contacts on list)

Note: Google Hangouts also acts as a chat program between other contacts and is connected to Google Voice which allows for phone calls to be made to anywhere (free to the United States and Canada).

Once contact information has been added with the desired amount of detail, the information will be saved automatically.

To return to Gmail, click the arrow next to Contacts, select Gmail to return to your primary inbox.