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Creating filters in Gmail


In Gmail, the user can set up filters to route email from different email addresses, people, and message contents. Each of these filters can be assigned to stay in the inbox with a label or be sent to a specific folder accessible from the left-hand menu.

To begin, click on the Settings menu, select Settings:

Click on the Filters option, add at least one parameter then click Create filter with this search.

Once the search parameters come up with what you’re looking for, the user can assign the message(s) to a label. There are additional options pertaining to marking the message(s) as read, skipping the inbox, and assigning the filter to all messages that come up in the search (recommended).

  1. Select the parameter(s) for the filtered message(s)
  2. Click the checkbox Also apply filter to matching conversations.
    1. Applying labels will create folders based on that label (which can be created under “Apply the label“)
  3. Click Create Filter.