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Registering a Duo hardware token

This article is designed to guide Duo users through the process of registering a hardware token for a two-step login method. Tokens can only be registered through the UO Service Portal.


While UO operations are modified due to COVID-19, new token distribution is limited. Employees are strongly encouraged to register a mobile or home landline phone until campus operations return to normal.

Employees who do not have personal devices available to use with Duo can make an appointment to pick up a token from the Eugene campus. Staff is available for appointments between the hours of 1 PM – 3 PM, Monday – Friday at 124 Lawrence Hall.

To request a token appointment:

  1. Fill out the form from the VP of Finance and Administration’s office to be granted access to campus
  2. Visit Two-Step Login support and click Request Help
  3. Select the option for I would like to request a hardware token
  4. Select an appointment time and submit your request

Tokens will be available again from the CASIT Help Desk and the Technology Service Desk once campus operations return to normal and they are allowed to re-open.

Note: The functions of the hardware token are replicable using the Duo Mobile application for any iOS and Android smartphone.


Open your favorite browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.) and go to

In the top right corner, click Sign In

Service Portal Log In link

Once you have signed in, search for the Two-Step Login Token Registration article (or this link) and click Register Token at the top of the right sidebar.

Locate the Serial Number on the backside of the token.

Token Serial Number

The reverse of a Duo D100 Token

Reverse of a Feitian C100 token

The reverse of a Feitian c100 token

Select Duo Digipass Token or Feitian c100 Token and enter the Serial Number in the prescribed field. Click Request when you are done.

Registration is not immediate: once you click Request, the process will begin and your token will be registered within about 30 minutes.

If this is your first method to utilize Duo, you will know you’re registered when you see the Duo prompts when attempting to sign-in to a Duo-protected service.

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