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Editing Signature Line in UO Mailing Lists


If you would like to create a list for any reason, go to the UO Mailing Lists website to sign up.

In order to make the edits, you must be a list administrator. If you have a list and are the administrator, read below to proceed.


Sign in to your mailing list by going to the list’s URL (e.g.

After signing in, proceed to the bottom of the page and click on the list’s administrative interface screen:


From here, click on the Non-digest options link in the upper-right of the page and scroll to the field marked msg_footer. Once there, you can edit the contents of the signature line for each message sent from administrator(s) and user(s) of the list (pictured below is what is needed to be removed to avoid conflict with Apple OS X El Capitan’s Contact Info feature, click here for more information):

In order to avoid triggering the Apple Contacts feature referenced above, be sure to delete the %(real_name)s@%(host_name)s line. Once done, it will look like the image below.


Click Save Changes to proceed. You can then logout and close the browser tab/window.

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Click here to learn more about the Apple Contact Info feature that mailing list signature lines interfere with.