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Installing Student Data Warehouse

Use of the data warehouse requires the installation of three components:

  • Oracle SQL*Net / 11g Client
  • Cisco IPSec VPN
  • OpenText BI Query software

This webpage will guide you through installing these three components.

Important Install Notes

All Users:

If you are running an Operating System which manages local accounts (i.e., XP, NT, Win 2000, etc.):

Your user account must have the appropriate privileges in order to update the registry and system directories. Generally, the best results are achieved when the user account which accesses the DWHS is given administrative rights before running the DWHS Installation program. Administrative rights can be revoked after the installation has successfully completed. Talk with your Computer Support Specialist regarding this before attempting installation.

Windows 7 Users

Please be aware that neither the BI Query software nor the Oracle 11g Client we supply is certified to work with Windows 7. However, you may be able to run these programs under Windows 7, even though such use is not encouraged or supported.

64 bit Operating Systems Unsupported:

Cisco’s IPSec VPN software will not run in a 64 bit environment, nor will BI Query. We have been unable to get these programs to run in 32 bit compatibility mode.

Software Requirements for BI Query

  • Windows XP Pro SP2 or later, Windows Vista Enterprise

Hardware Requirements for BI Query

  • CPU – PIII 1GHz Recommended (PIII 350 MHz Minimum)
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM recommended (256 MB Minimum)
  • 256-color, VGA-compatible display recommended
  • 500 MB free disk space required

Oracle 11g Client Installation

The Oracle 11g Client software provides connectivity to the Data Warehouse. This software allows you to retreive data from the Data Warehouse onto your computer.

Follow the Instructions on the following link

Click here for instructions on how to install the Oracle 11g Client

VPN Installation

The Cisco IPSec VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides the security required for you to use the Data Warehouse. It encrypts all information transmitted from the Data Warehouse to your computer.

Download and Run the VPN Install Program

  • Click on the link below and follow instructions for installing the VPN software.
  • Close all other applications, as you will need to reboot your computer after running the VPN installer.
  • Run the file you saved by double clicking on it.

VPN Installation

BI Query 10 Installation

The BI Query software provides the interface for you to report on, retrieve, and manipulate data from the Data Warehouse.

Follow the Instructions on the following link

Click here for instructions on how to install and setup BI Query