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Updating Matlab License

These are instructions for those who have an expiring license of Matlab

Note: If you would prefer to have an ITC to come assist with this process please submit a ticket to CASIT Help Desk.

  1. Download the file located here. This license is valid through October 31, 2014.
  2. Navigate to Matlab. In most cases this will be located in the Applications folder.
  3. Browse the contents of the . This can be done by right clicking Matlab and selecting browse folder contents or via the command line using cd ./


4. Navigate to   and you should see an existing network.lic file. Rename the network.lic file to something different. ex. Network.lic  –> Network.lic_OLD



5. Replace the existing network.lic file with the file downloaded in step 1.



6.Close Matlab and relaunch it.

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