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How to add a donation link for CAS Department websites


This article is designed to guide site administrators through the process of adding a donation link to their department’s website.

This guide will employ examples from websites using the CAS Department Theme.


In order to complete this process for your website, you will need the following:

  • UO Foundation donation link
  • Access as a site administrator for access to edit menus

Acquiring a UO Foundation Donation Link

Contact Sarah Bungum, the CAS Development Donor/Alumni Relations Coordinator, at or at x6-0045. She will coordinate with UO Foundation and will provide you the link once it has been created. The process typically takes less than 24 hours.

Creating a Social Media menu

Typically, most of the donation links utilized by departments are placed in the Social Media menu location along the right-side and bottom of any menu-supported page within the CAS Department Theme.

Menu screen with menu creation link, menu location, and save menu button highlighted

In order to create one, go to Appearance > Menus then:

  1. Click on create a new menu.
  2. Select the Social Media location
  3. Click Save Menu to finish

NOTE: In order for the menu to become visible, it needs to have content in it. You can add content from the panel just to the left of the Menu Structure panel.

Editing the menu to add the link

Most department sites have been set up on the CAS Department Theme which allows for menus in three locations: Primary Menu, Side Menu (also called Submenu), and Social Media menu.

CAS Department Home Page with Primary Menu, Side Menu, and Social Media Locations highlighted

This particular link should go into the Social Media menu location because the theme has a special icon for anything in that menu using CSS Classes.

When a piece of content is added (page, link, etc.) to the Social Media menu, CSS Classes are enabled so that the corresponding icon matches the content of the link. From the Menus screen, select the Social Media menu (or the menu assigned to that location) to view it.

When adding a new donation link, for example, be sure to click Save Menu first to activate CSS Classes.

Social Media Menu with 1. Click here to open the content type options, 2. Select the desired CSS Class, 3. Click to Save highlighted

Once the new content has been added:

  1. Click the small triangle on the right-hand side of the content item to open its options
  2. Select the desired class from the list (for a donation link, select donate)
  3. Click Save Menu to complete the process.

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