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How to manage users in UO Blogs sites

This article is designed to guide site administrators through the process of adding or removing users from their UO Blogs-hosted website.

Most CAS departments, programs, and institutes have their websites hosted on UO Blogs.

In order for users to be added, they have to sign-in to the service once in order to create a service token that is connected to the user’s Duck ID account. Acquiring the service token requires the user to log in to UO Blogs using their Duck ID and password.

Once authenticated, the new user can create their own site or be added to any other site by site administrators.

Adding Users to a site

Administrators can add users to their sites by going to the Users > Add Existing option of their site’s dashboard.

UO Blogs Dashboard with Users then Add Existing highlighted

From there, administrators can add users who have authenticated with the service by entering the email of the person they wish to add then assign a role for their access on the site.

For more information on roles within WordPress, you can consult the WordPress Codex on Roles and Capabilities.

Add the email for the new user and their desired role. Click Add Existing User to proceed.

The Add Existing User screen with Email Address and Role fields highlighted. 1. Enter the email address then 2. Assign the desired role for the new user.

Once entered, the user will be added to your site. If you do not happen to see this message, ensure that the new user has created their token for the service.

The user has been added to your site. Success!

Removing existing users from a site

If you wish to remove an existing user from a site, go to the Users > All Users on the site’s dashboard then hover the mouse cursor over the user you wish to remove and select Delete.

Site's All Users page: hover over username to remove and select Delete

From there, you will select what to do with the content created by that user. Select the option to reassign any content to another user, then select Confirm Deletion

Confirm Deletion screen: change the authorship to the admin user and select Confirm Deletion

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