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Mapping File Shares in Windows 7

Adding a File Share

Step 1

1. Click the Start Menu

2. Click “Computer”



3. Click on “Map network drive”.


Step 2

1. In the “Map Network Drive window”, click on the drive letter drop-down menu.


2. Click on “I:”


3. In the “Folder:” field type in the file share path.

  • For department shares: \\cas-fs1\DepartmentShareName
  • For individual shares: \\cas-fs1\Home

Note: You can paste in the new path if you have copied it from other documentation.

4. Make sure the “Reconnect at logon” check box is checked.

5. Make sure the “Connect using different credentials” check box is checked.

6. Click “Finish”.


Step 3

1. Enter your DuckID in this form: AD\duckid (eg. AD\aikeda1)

2. Type in your DuckID password.

3. Make sure the “Remember my credentials” check box is checked.

4. Click OK.



That’s it, you have successfully mapped a network file share on your Windows computer.

2 thoughts on “Mapping File Shares in Windows 7

    1. Yes. When your DuckID password changes, you will have to change your password for connecting to a University file share.