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Mapping File Shares in Windows 7


This article is designed to guide Windows 7 users through the process of connecting to a network file share drive.

Adding a File Share

Step 1

1. Click the Start Menu

2. Click Computer



3. Click on Map network drive.


Step 2

1. In the Map Network Drive window, click on the Drive drop-down menu.


2. Click on I: (or J:)


3. In the Folder: field type in the file share path.

  • For department shares: \\casfs\DepartmentShareName
  • For individual shares: \\casfs\Home

Note: You can paste in the new path if you have copied it from other documentation.

4. Make sure the Reconnect at logon check box is checked.

5. Note: If you are on a machine that is not on Active Directory, make sure the Connect using different credentials check box is checked.

6. Click Finish.


Step 3

1. Enter your Duck ID in this form: AD\duckid (eg. AD\aikeda1)

2. Type in your Duck ID password.

3. Make sure the Remember my credentials check box is checked.

4. Click OK.


2 thoughts on “Mapping File Shares in Windows 7

    1. Yes. When your DuckID password changes, you will have to change your password for connecting to a University file share.