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Import Your Data from Microsoft Outlook

Email, calendar, & personal contacts

(Users must have admin rights on computer to install Google Apps Migration utility)

You can import your email messages from Microsoft Outlook to Google Apps Mail, using Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook, a desktop utility that includes an easy-to-follow wizard. With this utility, you can import your:

  • Email messages, directly from our mail server or from PST files that you saved on your computer
  • Meetings on your Outlook Calendar
  • Personal contacts you added to Outlook

If you saved email in folders:

Google Apps Migration converts your folders in Outlook or PST files to labels. Labels provide the same function as folders but with more flexibility. Each of your original folder names becomes a label, with the next level folder separated by a slash, as in “Projects/Resin 5XB.” For example:

Important notes about importing your data:

  • Importing your messages can take significant time. However, the import process runs in the background, so you can continue to work on your computer, and even use your Google Apps Mail account during the import process.
  • Messages you migrate to Gmail are placed under the label Migrated. Simply remove this label by clicking Settings > Labels, and then clicking Remove (to the right of the label Migrated).
  • For messages that were in Outlook subfolders, we recommend that you rename their labels with the name of the original top-level folder or one subfolder. Usually, one label is enough to effectively categorize your messages.
  • You can easily rename, remove, or add labels on your migrated messages.

For more information about how Google Apps Migration works and what data gets imported:

See the documentation at:

When you’re ready to install Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook and import your Outlook data:

Go to the following URL and and follow the instructions under [I’m downloading Google Apps Migration myself / My administrator downloaded it form me]:

When prompted to sign in, use your new Google Apps user name and password.