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PDF printing with accounting codes from Google Chrome (macOS)


This post is assist Mac users through the process of printing Adobe PDFs from Google Chrome to their department’s CTX-issued fleet printer. Adobe will typically have their own print dialog box and using it will not send requests to the printer.


Follow these steps to ensure that your print job gets printed:

Click on the Print icon (which may require moving the mouse around a bit) or select File > Print (or Command-P) to start

PDF Viewer in Chrome with Print icon highlighted

Then, click the Print using system dialog link on the print dialog box

Printer dialog box with Print using system dialog highlighted

Click on Presets if you need to enter your accounting codes for your CTX Printer. Click the drop-down then select Xerox Features to proceed (see link for setup process by clicking here or in the links below).

Once configured or selected, click Print on the MacOS dialog box.


System print dialog with Presets menu and Print button selected

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