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Setting Up Formidable Pro


This post is designed to guide WordPress/UO Blogs user through setting up Formidable — a plugin for WordPress that allows site managers to create forms for various needs. Some examples include sign-up sheets for events or avenues to receive feedback among many other options.

Enable Formidable Pro for your site

Note: Formidable Pro is a plugin that is part of the UO Blogs offering to all associated with the University by using your DuckID. If you do not yet have a UO Blogs site, follow this link.

Login to your UO Blogs account using your DuckID and password, then go the site’s Dashboard

  • Example of your site:”yourname”/wp-admin
    • “yourname” is your user name used when signing up for a site.

Note: Some users may have multiple sites through UO Blogs. If so, you will be directed to a general Dashboard upon sign-in. You will then need to select which site you would like to directly edit.

  • My Sites (marked in red): Allows the user to go to all sites in their purview
  • Blog Name (marked in green): Shows which Dashboard you are in. The example below is in Mike’s Blog.

WP Dashboard with multiple sites

Once in the Dashboard, go to the Plugins menu:

WP Plugins

Once in the Plugins menu, scroll down to Formidable, select Activate:

Formidable Activation Link