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SharePoint Overview

This article is designed to act as an overview of the Microsoft Office application, SharePoint, and its connections to Microsoft Teams and Microsoft OneDrive. SharePoint displays contents for a connected OneDrive account accessible to assigned group members to assist in collaborative interaction with files and folders specific to that group.

Access to SharePoint

Access comes about in a couple of different ways: through Office 365 Groups or through Microsoft Teams, the Office 365 chat application.

Connecting via Office 365 Groups

The connection comes by assigning or being assigned by you or someone else to an Office 365 Group. When assigned to a group, you will be given access to a corresponding OneDrive account that is accessible to all group members. Group members are designated by a group owner.

If you have created an Office 365 group, that group can be connected to Microsoft Teams for general group chat or spinoff chat windows called channels. More information about Microsoft Teams can be found in its overview article.

Once a group is made, the group members have access to a Shared Library that can be used to house any files relevant to that group.

Connecting via Teams

In Teams, select the Groups option on the left-hand side of the application and select the group you wish to see.

Once the group is open, click on the General channel and then select the Files option from above the chat transcript.

From there, SharePoint’s Shared Library will populate and it will provide several options to manipulate the files within the Teams application as well as viewing it in SharePoint.

NOTE: If you wish to follow any SharePoint group that you are a part of, click on the star icon to ensure that it will appear on your SharePoint dashboard

Shared Libraries

SharePoint’s primary features are granting access to groups and giving that group a Shared Library. Shared libraries are group-specific OneDrive accounts that act in a similar fashion to the CAS Network File Shares for departments, programs, and institutes but without the overhead required to manage a file share server.

Shared Libraries are automatically created upon the creation of an Office 365 Group or a Teams Group and are accessible to group members through OneDrive and in Teams.

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