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Turning Off Contact Info from Mail (OS X El Capitan)

With Apple OS X El Capitan (10.11), Apple introduced a feature that picks out email addresses from the Mail application and populates it within Contacts. It is meant to serve as a nice assistant when drafting emails however it is perhaps a little too eager.

When using the Mail application at the University, this feature will pull information from the signature line of mailing lists that¬†generally have the name of the list as part of it. Mail will pull that address and associate it with the sender regardless of whether they are a list administrator–a mere post to the list can trigger it.

In order to disable this feature, you must go into the Contacts application and open the application’s Preferences window (Contacts > Preferences or Command-,), then uncheck the box to Show contacts found in Mail (seen below):


Once that box is unchecked, you will see a prompt asking if you really want to do this. Click Turn Off to proceed:


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UO mailing lists are the main interference of this software feature. If you are a list administrator, click here to read about how to remove the list address from the signature line.