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Composing and Sending an Email


This post is designed to guide Outlook users through the process of composing and sending an email from Microsoft Outlook.


Open Outlook and click on the New Email button on the upper left-hand corner:

Outlook Inbox view with New Email highlighted

A new dialog box will appear. Consider the following:

Outlook Mail Dialog Box: 1. The main ribbon menu, 2. The address and subject lines, 3. The body section, 4. The Send Mail icon

  1. The main toolbar will allow you to change the font, font styling, and size. Attaching files, adding tables and pictures, and adding your email signatures can be done here as well.
  2. Enter the recipients in the To:, Cc:, and Bcc: fields. If you start typing in the email address, you can pull in anyone who is already on Exchange. Enter an email title in the Subject field.
  3. Enter in any content into the Body section here
  4. Click Send when finished.

The email will be available in the Sent folder in your inbox view.

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