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UOmail: Mail for macOS

This article is designed to guide macOS users through the process of configuring the Mail program to access their UOmail account for email.

Please note: There are known syncing issues between Mail for macOS and the Microsoft Exchange Online servers. If you encounter these syncing issues, we recommend the usage of Microsoft Outlook for macOS, the official UOmail client for Microsoft Exchange Online.

Calendars will be available through the Calendar application.

Adding Exchange Account

  1. Open Mail 
    Open Finder, select Applications, then open Mail
  2. Open the Accounts… Menu
    Mail menu with Accounts option highlighted
  3. Select Exchange from the provider options on the right side of the page.
    Mail Add Account dialog with Exchange highlighted
  4. Enter your name in the Name field and Exchange email address in the Email Address field.
    Mail Exchange dialog: Name and Email Address
  5. The next screen to come up will ask you to sign in to your Exchange account using Microsoft. Instead, click the Configure Manually button.
    Mail Exchange dialog: Configure Manually highlighted
  6. Input your Exchange email account password into the Password field and then click Sign In.
    Mail Exchange dialog: Name, Email Address, and highlighted Password field, click Sign In button (highlighted) to proceed.
  7. Select which services you would like to sync from your Exchange account to your Macintosh by clicking the checkboxes next to the appropriate service. You will need to have Mail selected, at least. The other checked services will sync with the appropriate system applications on your Macintosh. Click Done when finished.Note: Select Calendars in order to have Exchange calendar information forwarded to the Calendar application.
    Mail Exchange Sync dialog: Done button highlighted
  8. All Done! Close Internet Accounts window.

Removing Webmail Account

Note: Please consult CASIT before removing your Webmail account if you need assistance with making sure contacts, calendar events, notes, etc. are saved and transferred correctly.

  1. Open Mail
    Open Finder, select Applications, then open Mail
  2. Open the Accounts Menu
    Mail menu with Accounts option highlighted
  3. Select the Webmail account from your list of accounts and then click the  button at the bottom-left side of the window.
    Mail macOS Accounts dialog: Click the - button to proceed
  4. Confirm the account deletion by clicking the OK button.
    Mail Account Deletion dialog: Click OK to proceed.
  5. All Done! Close Internet Accounts window.
    Note: If your Webmail account has a large number of messages and attachments, it may take a few minutes to remove the account, during which time you will not be able to access your mailbox or close the Internet Accounts window.
    Mail Account dialog after Webmail account removal

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