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UOmail: Outlook App for Android

This article is designed to guide Android users through the process of configuring the Outlook App to access their UOmail account for email and calendaring.

Acquiring the Outlook App

  1. Open the Google Play Store app and search for Outlook – it should be the top search result.
    Search for Outlook on the Google Play Store
  2. Click the Install button which will begin downloading and installing the app.
    Select Install to install Outlook app
  3. Once the app has finished downloading, click Open.
    Select Open to start Outlook

Adding Exchange Account

  1. Open the Outlook Client.
  2. If this is your first time opening the Outlook App, you will see the following screen. Click Get Started. 
    Click Get Started to proceed
  3. If this is not your first time setting up the Outlook App, follow these instructions to get to the same point in the process.
    1. Click the Settings cog in the lower-left corner of the application.
    2. Click Add Account near the top of the page
    3. Select Add an Email Account
  4. On the Add Account page enter your UO email address and click Continue.
    Enter your email then click Continue
  5. On the Connect Exchange page enter your DuckID Password. Optionally you can add an account description such as UOmail.
    Enter uoregon email address, enter associated password, and enter an optional description then click the check mark to proceed.
  6. Click the checkmark in the upper-right corner to proceed.
  7. Your account should automatically configure, however, if it asks for additional information enter this:
    • Server:
    • Domain\Username:
    • Add your full uoregon email for the email address and domain/username field. is the server name
  8. On the Account added page, click CONTINUE if you have another account, or SKIP if you are done adding accounts.
    Click Skip if you're finished or Continue if you're not.
  9. Click SKIP to proceed directly to your email.
    • Click the right arrow if you wish to read the facts.
    • This final page provides facts about the Outlook App.
      Click Skip to go to email or the arrow (on the bottom-right) to see more about the application
  10. Once you are in the Outlook App, please allow time for your emails to sync from the server.

Removing an Account from the Outlook App

Note: Please consult CASIT before removing your Webmail account if you need assistance with making sure contacts, calendar events, notes, etc. are saved and transferred correctly.
  1. Open the Outlook App and click on the Settings cog in the lower-left corner.
    Click the Settings cog (on the bottom-left) to proceed

  2. On the Settings screen, you should see a section labeled Accounts. Tap the name of the account you would like to remove Webmail Accounts will be listed as IMAP.
    Select the Webmail (IMAP) account

  3. On the Account Info page, click Delete Account and the account will be removed.
    Select Delete Account to remove Webmail account

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