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Using Google Calendar


This post is designed to guide users through Google Calendar–the calendar program within the Google Apps suite. Google Calendar bears similarities to Microsoft Outlook and Apple’s iCal.

Getting Started in Google Calendar

Go to to get started. First, sign-in:



If is the first time signing in to Google Calendar, the user will see three windows (all of which bear information that can be modified later):



Note: This can also be modified within each particular event or within the Settings for the calendar later.


Note: This can be done at another time on an Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone.

Accessing Calendar on Mobile Devices

Getting Familiar with the Calendar Screen

Once the initial setup is complete, the user will see their calendar for the first time.


  1. Google Search bar to search events within Calendar
  2. Calendar Date shown (arrows toggle between what is set in Step 3)
  3. Set your Calendar View to see only the day, week,  month, next four days, or scheduled events
  4. General calendar settings (not settings for the individual calendar(s) and shared calendars)
  5. Create a new event (the arrow will do a quick add based on your current time)
  6. Today (shaded column) within the calendar field
    1. Current time (red line)
  7. A list of the user’s calendar(s) and other calendars (shared from other users)

Creating An Event

There are a few different ways to add events within Google Calendar:

  • Click on Create
  • Click on the arrow near the Create button
  • Click and drag in the main calendar field

Click on Create

In the upper-left corner of the Calendar screen, click the Create button:


The user will be taken to the Create Event setup page:


  1. Title of the event
  2. Time of the event
    1. Just below it, the event can be scheduled for all day or repeating over different days and weeks.
  3. Location of the event
  4. Calendar in which the event will be created
  5. Description of event
  6. Reminder of event (As pop-up, SMS Text, or e-mail; default settings shown)
  7. User’s availability for the event (default settings shown)
  8. Send invites to guests (by e-mail addresses; other settings shown are default)
  9. Save event to keep on calendar or discard event

Quick Add Event

By clicking the arrow next to the Create button, the user can put in the title of the event:


Upon doing so, click Add. The user will be taken to the Create Event screen (shown above) to complete the scheduling of the event.

Click and Drag in the Main Calendar Field

The user can also find the time that they want to create an event, click on the desired beginning time of the event then dragging to the desired end.


  1. Title of event
  2. Create event (will show up in Calendar Field with no other details)
  3. Edit event (will take the user full Create Event setup page as seen above.)

Upon completing the desired amount of detail for the event, it will appear as it does below.