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VeriCite Assignment Submission


VeriCite is a tool that will allow instructors to verify that student work is their own and not plagiarized. The process for submitting an assignment with VeriCite does have a couple quirks and this post will guide you through the process.

Click on one of the links below to proceed:

Submitting a paper with VeriCite

When students submit their papers, they will be presented with two options for submission: file upload and copy/paste.

File Upload

Click on the Interview Paper assignment, wait for the VeriCite window to load (which will be below the assignment description):

VeriCite File Upload

When students have dragged and dropped their paper into place, they will be taken to the next screen to verify that the submission uploaded correctly. They will then:

VeriCite File Upload 2

  1. Put in their name next to the Assignment Title (or whatever the instructor requires)
  2. Verify that the text and formatting are correct then…
  3. Click the Submit Paper button to proceed.

Scroll down to Submission Verification for the next step in the process.

Copy/Paste Your Paper

When you click on the Copy/Paste Text link as seen below, you will be taken to the text editor screen.

VeriCite Copy:Paste

Make sure they copy their entire paper in Word then click on the Paste from Word option highlighted below. The text will be translated from the Word formatting into the text editor.

VeriCite Paste from Word

Once everything appears to be correct (just like in the File Upload example above), click on the Submit Paper button to proceed.

Scroll down to Submission Verification for the next step in the process.

Submission Verification

When students click Submit Paper, they will receive a confirmation of their submission that will give provide the time the assignment was submitted, their name, their paper title, the assignment name, and a confirmation number. If students do not see this screen, it can be assumed that they have not submitted their paper correctly. In this event, have students try to submit their paper again or notify their instructor of any issues. 

VeriCite verification

Once students see this submission confirmation, it will be available for instructors to grade.

Links to Additional Content

Longsight Technologies has video walkthroughs on how to do more with VeriCite. For more, please check out their YouTube page.