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Xerox Workcentre Printer Series Setup


This post is designed for users who have access to Xerox Workcentre series printers in any university department offices. These models are available through the new Copytronix (CTX) printing contract.

Installation Process

Go to the appropriate Xerox Workcentre drivers page for your printer:

The website will identify the computer’s operating system and provide you with a link to download the appropriate software.


  1. The operating system and language preferences are determined from your browser. If you would like a different installer and language, you can select them from their respective lists.
  2. Click on the link for the driver installer package to proceed.


Click Accept to download the driver package. It will be located wherever your preferred downloads location. Once downloaded, find the driver package and double-click on it to proceed.

Once installer is open, click Continue or Next to proceed. In most cases you will need to type in your user password on your computer to allow for install.

Click on the local printer icon and type in either the IP address or DNS name to your printer. If you’re unsure of that information, try clicking on the Machine Status button on the Xerox machine and the IP address should appear. If you need additional assistance, check with either CTX or CASIT for that information.


Upon selecting your printer or entering the IP address or DNS name, click Continue to proceed. The software will complete the driver installation and then you can close all associated windows and delete any of the installer software packages.

If you have any questions, please contact us at CASIT for assistance.