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File Server Migration – December 2013


This purpose of this article is to help you connect to your CAS-FS file shares after the planned migration.


CASIT is migrating its file servers to new hardware in December. This move is necessary because the current hardware is nearing its end of life and cannot be expanded further. The new file storage infrastructure will be capable of continuing to expand smoothly, and will be much more resilient to data loss. During a scheduled hardware upgrade, file shares and home folders will be offline. Most network drives will have to be re-mapped after the upgrade.

Most CAS networked file shares and home folders will be inaccessible starting at 12:01AM on December 21. The hardware upgrade, data move, and testing will be complete by December 25 and users can reconnect starting December 26.


The audience for this article are those who are comfortable remapping drives on their own. If you are *not comfortable*, and/or you would prefer a CASIT Tech to help you remap your file shares, please email us at or call us directly at 346-2388.

If you desire to remap your drives on your own, read on.

Remapping File Shares

After the migration, the method you are currently using to connect to the file share will be similar, however your file share path(s) will change. It will necessary to “remap” your share(s), reflecting the new changes. These changes affect both departmental file shares and personal “home folder” file shares.

To see a list of these changes for departmental shares, please see the first table below. The table lists the old path in the first column, followed by columns of  new path names for both Windows and Mac users. Find your share(s) and copy/note the new path name for input later. (If you are unsure of your old path name, don’t worry, these paths include department names that you will recognize).

To see a list of home folder changes, see the last table on this page (scroll way down). The table lists the old path in the first column, followed by columns of  new path names for both Windows and Mac users. Instead of a list of departments, I have listed one row of “formula” for you to follow, and a row beneath that as an example, using the duckid “scrow”.

To remap your file share(s), follow the instructions below:

For Mac PCs:

  1. Find your *new* Mac file share paths in the tables below.
  2. Copy the *new* Mac file share path(s).
  3. Click here for detailed Mac instructions.

For Windows PCs:

Note: Before you follow these instructions, you should restart your machine. Many CAS Windows machines are connected to an Active Directory network. One benefit of Active Directory is that CASIT can remap your drives automatically. A restart should suffice to bring down new mappings. If it does not, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Find your *new* Windows file share paths in the tables below.
  2. Copy/note the *new* Windows file share path(s).
  3. Click here for detailed Windows instructions.

Departmental Share Path Grid

Old Share Path *DO NOT COPY* New Mac Path (Copy!) New Windows path (Copy!)
\\cas-fs\Depts\Anthropology smb://cas-fs1/Anthropology \\cas-fs1\Anthropology
\\cas-fs\Depts\Biology smb://cas-fs1/Biology/Administrative \\cas-fs1\Biology\Administrative
\\cas-fs\Depts\Biology-Niell-Lab smb://cas-fs1/Biology/Niell-Lab \\cas-fs1\Biology\Niell-Lab
\\cas-fs\Depts\CAMCOR smb://cas-fs1/CAMCOR \\cas-fs1\CAMCOR
\\cas-fs\Depts\CASLS smb://cas-fs1/CASLS \\cas-fs1\CASLS
\\cas-fs\Depts\Chemistry smb://cas-fs1/Chemistry/Administrative \\cas-fs1\Chemistry\Administrative
\\cas-fs\Depts\Cinema-Studies smb://cas-fs1/Cinema-Studies \\cas-fs1\Cinema-Studies
\\cas-fs\Depts\Comparative-Literature smb://cas-fs1/Comparative-Literature/Administrative \\cas-fs1\Comparative-Literature\Administrative
\\cas-fs\Depts\Comparative-Literature-Journal smb://cas-fs1/Comparative-Literature/Journal \\cas-fs1\Comparative-Literature\Journal
\\cas-fs\Depts\Creative-Writing smb://cas-fs1/Creative-Writing \\cas-fs1\Creative-Writing
\\cas-fs\Depts\Deans-Office smb://cas-fs1/Development \\cas-fs1\Development
\\cas-fs\Depts\East-Asian-Languages-Literatures smb://cas-fs1/East-Asian-Languages-Literatures \\cas-fs1\East-Asian-Languages-Literatures
\\cas-fs\Depts\Economics smb://cas-fs1/Economics/Administrative \\cas-fs1\Economics\Administrative
\\cas-fs\Depts\Economics-TERF-Lab smb://cas-fs1/Economics/TERF-Lab \\cas-fs1\Economics\TERF-Lab
\\cas-fs\Depts\English smb://cas-fs1/English/Departmental \\cas-fs1\English\Departmental
\\cas-fs\Depts\English-Archive smb://cas-fs1/English/Archive \\cas-fs1\English\Archive
\\cas-fs\Depts\Environmental-Studies smb://cas-fs1/Environmental-Studies \\cas-fs1\Environmental-Studies
\\cas-fs\Depts\Ethnic-Studies smb://cas-fs1/Ethnic-Studies \\cas-fs1\Ethnic-Studies
\\cas-fs\Depts\German-Scandinavian smb://cas-fs1/German-Scandinavian \\cas-fs1\German-Scandinavian
\\cas-fs\Depts\History smb://cas-fs1/History \\cas-fs1\History
\\cas-fs\Depts\Human-Physiology smb://cas-fs1/Human-Physiology \\cas-fs1\Human-Physiology
\\cas-fs\Depts\Linguistics smb://cas-fs1/Linguistics \\cas-fs1\Linguistics
\\cas-fs\Depts\Linguistics-Speech-Language-Lab smb://cas-fs1/Linguistics/Speech-Language-Lab \\cas-fs1\Linguistics\Speech-Language-Lab
\\cas-fs\Depts\Materials-Science-Institute smb://cas-fs1/Material-Science-Institute \\cas-fs1\Material-Science-Institute
\\cas-fs\Depts\Math smb://cas-fs1/Math \\cas-fs1\Math
\\cas-fs\Depts\MNCH smb://cas-fs1/mnch \\cas-fs1\mnch
\\cas-fs\Depts\Newberry smb://cas-fs1/Newberry \\cas-fs1\Newberry
\\cas-fs\Depts\Northwest-Review smb://cas-fs1/Nothwest-Review \\cas-fs1\Nothwest-Review
\\cas-fs\Depts\OCIAS smb://cas-fs1/OCIAS \\cas-fs1\OCIAS
\\cas-fs\Depts\Office-Managers smb://cas-fs1/Deans-Office/Office-Managers \\cas-fs1\Deans-Office\Office-Managers
\\cas-fs\Depts\Oregon-Center-Optics smb://cas-fs1/Oregon-Center-Optics/Wang-Lab \\cas-fs1\Oregon-Center-Optics\Wang-Lab
\\cas-fs\Depts\Oregon-Center-Optics-McMorran-Lab smb://cas-fs1/Oregon-Center-Optics/McMorran-Lab \\cas-fs1\Oregon-Center-Optics\McMorran-Lab
\\cas-fs\Depts\Oregon-Center-Optics-Raymer-Lab smb://cas-fs1/Oregon-Center-Optics/Raymer-Lab \\cas-fs1\Oregon-Center-Optics\Raymer-Lab
\\cas-fs\Depts\Philosophy smb://cas-fs1/Philosophy \\cas-fs1\Philosophy
\\cas-fs\Depts\Physics smb://cas-fs1/Physics/Administrative \\cas-fs1\Physics\Administrative
\\cas-fs\Depts\Political-Science smb://cas-fs1/Political-Science \\cas-fs1\Political-Science
\\cas-fs\Depts\Romance-Languages smb://cas-fs1/Romance-Languages \\cas-fs1\Romance-Languages
\\cas-fs\Depts\Sociology smb://cas-fs1/Sociology/Administrative \\cas-fs1\Sociology\Administrative
\\cas-fs\Depts\Sociology-Bold-Peace smb://cas-fs1/Sociology/Bold-Peace \\cas-fs1\Sociology\Bold-Peace
\\cas-fs\Depts\Sociology-Perspectives smb://cas-fs1/Sociology/Perspectives \\cas-fs1\Sociology\Perspectives
\\cas-fs\Depts\Theater-Arts smb://cas-fs1/Theater-Arts \\cas-fs1\Theater-Arts
\\cas-fs\Depts\Womens-Gender-Studies smb://cas-fs1/Womens-Gender-Studies \\cas-fs1\Womens-Gender-Studies

Home Folder File Share Path Grid

Old Home Folder Path New Mac Home Folder Path New Windows Home Folder Path
\\cas-fs\Home\<duckid initial>\<duck id> smb://cas-fs1/home/<duck id> \\cas-fs1\home\<duck id>
\\cas-fs\Home\s\scrow smb://cas-fs1/home/scrow \\cas-fs1\home\scrow


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