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The inventory.uoregon tool and Property Control

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This is a message about the CASIT-provided inventory tool ( and its relationship to UO Property Control, specifically the tracking of high risk equipment.

It is the responsibility of each CAS department and program to work with Property Control to track their high risk assets.

There are several ways that this can be accomplished; and to explore those, please contact Property Control ( to discuss your options. Whatever option you choose, inventory.uoregon can aid you in your efforts.

Please note that CASIT does not track high risk assets for CAS departments and programs, nor do we update asset information in inventory.uoregon beyond adding or modifying entries to track data we need for support purposes.

What is the role of inventory.uoregon in high risk asset management?

Inventory.uoregon is not an official inventory tool. It can be used by departments to track information about their high risk equipment, and its data can be used to inform Property Control as required. It is the responsibility of the department or program to keep information in the inventory tool up-to-date, if they are using the tool as an aid for official high risk tracking and inventory operations.

Why is there an “unofficial” inventory tool?

Inventory.uoregon was developed to provide CAS departments an alternative to spreadsheets or paper forms many were using to keep track of their inventories: When Property Control came to audit, the departments would use the information in their spreadsheets to aid in the process. The inventory tool was developed with those needs in mind.

Later, CASIT also added functionality to inventory.uoregon to provide a digital alternative to paper copies of high risk equipment waivers. Users are required to sign these waivers to take high risk equipment off campus, and inventory.uoregon provides a method to digitally sign these waivers, as well as delivering automatic annual re-signing notifications.

Inventory.uoregon also provides utility beyond what is required for “who has what”, the management of high risk waivers, or the official tracking of high risk property. For example, it provides fields for specific machine information, like CPU speed and amount of RAM. This information isn’t required by Property Control for official inventory needs, but it is helpful for reference, troubleshooting, and repair.

Do I have to use the CASIT Inventory tool?

No! You may track your equipment in any manner you wish. However, each department and program is required to track high risk equipment for Property Control.

Why does CASIT Tag equipment with “HR” tags / Are CASIT Tags “official” HR tags?

CASIT tags are used to tag:

  1. CASIT’s own high risk equipment.
  2. high risk equipment in departments with a full waiver, using the CASIT inventory tool.
  3. equipment purchased through CASIT in order to record useful support information in the inventory.uoregon tool.

In the cases of 1 and 2 above, these tags can be considered official for the purpose of university asset management.

In case 3, the presence of CASIT provided tag is not an indicator that the equipment has been tracked, officially, as high risk equipment with Property Control.

Does CASIT manage my department or program inventory?

No, departments and programs are responsible for managing their inventory, in conjunction with Property Control.

What are Property Control waivers?
Property Control Waivers are alternative systems of high risk asset tracking. Waivers are  offered by UO Property Control, and only at their discretion. For more information, please contact UO Property Control directly.