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File Share Shortcut Icon (Mac)


This page is designed to walk users through the process of creating a file share shortcut icon on the Desktop in the Finder application. This allows for users to disconnect from a share but have easy access to their file share without using the Connect To Server… menu option in the Finder.


First, open up the Connect To Server… menu option (Finder > Go > Connect To Server…) or ⌘K

Connect To Server Option


Then type in the name of the file share address of which you wish to connect.

Click and drag file share address to the Desktop to create a shortcut icon (blank page icon)

Next, open up the file share and sign-in using your DuckID and password.

File Share Sign In Window

Upon authentication, the file share will come available on your desktop.


From here, hold control and press click (or right click) on the file share icon and select Get Info

Note: The same action can be done by pressing ⌘I

Get Info

Once the Get Info window opens, click on the disk icon and Copy (Finder > Edit > Copy or ⌘C)

Selecting then copying the disk icon


Then open the Get Info window for the shortcut you created earlier…

Get Info window for the shortcut created earlier

Select the icon then Paste (Finder > Edit > Paste or ⌘P)…

Get Info 3 pre-Paste


Get Info 3 post-Paste


Then, you may close all associated windows.

The icon will be preserved on the Desktop after disconnecting from the particular file share.

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