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Instructional Laptop Checkout Policies & Procedures

The College of Arts and Science IT department is now has a few laptops (PC and Mac) to checkout for instructional purposes to CAS faculty and teaching GTFs. Laptops can be checked out for as long as three hours.

Click here to go to the Reservation Form.

EQUIPMENT SCHEDULING, PICKUP & RETURNS Equipment pickup and returns are through the SSIL Lab Manager’s Office (Chad Little) located on north side of the 4th floor of¬†McKenzie Hall, Room 452. Map to SSIL is found here.

Reservations can be made by filling out the Reservation Form found here. All equipment pickup and returns will be done at the Help Desk between the hours of 8am and 4pm. Later hours (limited) are available upon request.

It is essential that equipment be returned on time so that it is available for the next scheduled person. Failure to do so may result in the loss of borrowing privileges.

You may request special software or hardware setup when reserving a laptop computer, However, a minimum of a one week advance reservation is required.

When feasible a Help Desk employee will configure the laptop to meet your request. (Software requests are subject to the university having a licensing agreement or the customer providing the software; hardware requests are subject to availability through the Help Desk. If the equipment is owned by the customer it must be compatible with the laptop.)

To cancel or make any changes to your reservation, please contact the Help Desk as soon as possible.

Equipment may be reserved up to two weeks in advance. CASIT will make every effort to ensure reservations will be met. However, reservations are not guaranteed, due to late return of equipment or equipment breakage. Reservations will be honored on a first come, first served basis.

High Demand or limited equipment may not be reserved for more than two weekends in a row, and may be subject to other restrictions.

LOAN PERIOD The loan period is three hours from the time of checkout. Checkouts that occur after 2pm are subject to these loan periods*:

  • Items checked out at 2:00PM are due back at 8:00AM, on the next business day.
  • Items checked out at 3:00PM are due back at 9:00AM, on the next business day.
  • Items checked out at 4:00PM are due back at 10:00AM, on the next business day.

*The next business day after Friday is the following Monday. In case of a Monday holiday or other school closure, the equipment should be returned the first school day following the weekend or holiday.

EXTENDED LOANS In limited cases, there may be exceptions to the standard loan period and policies. Exceptions or extensions are not guaranteed, and are not granted automatically. Contact the CASIT Help Desk for more information.

Borrowing between terms will require a written exception to CASIT Checkout policy. CASIT will require written justification of the user’s needs and a Faculty member’s signature verifying the user’s request.

CHECKOUT POLICIES Faculty, staff, or GTFs wanting to borrow equipment must submit a Help Desk ticket and present their DuckID to the Help Desk when they pick the equipment up.

Faculty and staff must pick the equipment up in person, and may not designate another person to sign-out equipment in their place. CASIT will not deliver or pick up machines to offices or classrooms.

Equipment will be examined by staff prior to being loaned to a customer and upon its return to ensure that it is in good working condition. When borrowing the equipment, you accept responsibility for returning it in the same condition you received it.

CASIT Checkout Laptops are in a “frozen” state to prevent hard drive corruption, altering the contents of the hard drive and to lessen the amount of work required to maintain this program. (The “frozen” state of the hard drive disallows user-installed software from remaining on the hard drive after reboot. )

Customers checking out cables and other peripherals with a laptop and not returning the cables and other peripherals will not be allowed to checkout equipment again until the cables and other peripherals have been replaced or paid for.

Cost of audio cable: $6.00

EQUIPMENT TRAINING Some equipment may require training for first time users. Contact the CASIT Help Desk to arrange for training in the use of supported equipment.

OTHER CASIT reserves the right to charge for late, broken, or missing equipment. CASIT reserves the right to deny the use of equipment to anyone for reasons relating to equipment safety/security, appropriate use, or other justifiable reason.

REQUESTS FROM OUTSIDE OF CAS Requests from departments outside of CAS should be forwarded to the IT director of the relevant school, college, or admin area, and not to CASIT.

QUESTIONS? Please email your questions to CASIT’s HelpDesk: or call 346-2388.

Click here to go to the Reservation Form.