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New Faculty Technology Subsidy

Subsidy Policy

Computer purchases for CAS new faculty members are facilitated through User Support Services (USS). The CAS Dean’s Office authorizes some new TTF faculty members a $2,500 subsidy to aid in the purchase of a primary computer, plus any needed peripherals. This subsidy applies to desktops & laptops, software, external hard drives, and other peripherals. The USS Technology Shop is available to view USS approved computers and peripherals.

If the business use of a requested item is not clear, the College may request further justification. These funds are not intended for the purchase of servers, systems infrastructure, or computing clusters: please submit a General Help ticket for assistance with such services. Office equipment such as chairs, desks, and filing cabinets are not eligible.  If the total cost exceeds the allocated funds, the overage will be charged to a departmental index.


Order Policy

Orders must be placed through USS to receive the subsidy. USS cannot reimburse departments or faculty members for purchases processed outside USS. USS will order, set up, deliver, and process payments for the equipment.

The new faculty member or a designated department contact fills out the CAS New Faculty Technology Subsidy Request. CAS Dean’s Office then confirms whether subsidy funds are available for a new faculty member.  If the designated department contact completes the form, please include the faculty member’s name after your name. This confirmation starts the ordering process with the USS Buyer, who will work with the new faculty member or the designated department contact on creating a New Faculty Order. Once order approval is completed, USS will place the approved order with the appropriate vendor. Upon vendor delivery, the equipment will be set up and delivered to the new faculty member by the USS Service Desk.


Timing of Orders

It may take some time to select equipment and software, but it is encouraged to initiate requests as soon as possible once approved.  The unused portion of the subsidy can be saved for up to 12 months after the original subsidy approval, not the placement of the New Faculty Order.  The CAS New Faculty Team will send out reminders to faculty members with the remaining funds and the time remaining to utilize the subsidy.

If you have any questions please contact the USS Buyer, Tyrone Russ.


Subsidy Approval Request Form

To begin the New Faculty Technology Subsidy Program process, please fill out the CAS New Faculty Technology Subsidy Request