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Known Bug: Formidable Form Actions to Email

NOTE: This bug has been fixed. CampusPress was able to fix the issue on September 12, 2019.

The Formidable form building plugin has a known bug where email notifications that are generated upon form submissions are not rendering HTML as designed. This is affecting websites that are hosted by the UO Blogs WordPress service and there is a workaround that will allow form submission notifications to be displayed as plain text.

The CASIT Help Desk has submitted a request to the Information Services Technology Service Desk (TSD) who in turn have submitted a bug report to CampusPress, the service provider, to have Formidable evaluated for any anomaly that is causing this issue.

Workaround process

There is a known workaround to this issue and it will require going into each form’s settings if you desire to enable it. It also requires administrative access to the site.

Open the Formidable plugin and select the form you wish to edit:

Go into the Form Actions, select Email Notification, then check the box to have emails sent as plain text then click Save to proceed.

  1. Select the Settings tab for the form then,
  2. Choose the Form Actions link in the Form Settings pane
  3. Select the Email Notification object to see its settings then,
  4. Select the Send Emails in Plain Text checkbox and click Update to save the changes.

Note: Once HTML rendering has been fixed, you will have to go back into each form to uncheck this setting to restore the email notifications as they were before.