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Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions

MS Agreement


CAS has enrolled for the Microsoft Volume Licensing.  This is a program that licenses all CAS-owned machines.


There are many benefits to CAS that come with the MS Agreement:

  • 24/7 access to the latest versions of MS software through the CAS Software Portal.
  • No cost to CAS departments for included software to be used on University-owned computers.
  • Home Use Rights for desktop software used by faculty and staff, to complete work-related tasks at home.
  • CASIT can issue media allowing user installation of software at work or at home. Alternatively, users can download, burn to a disc and install the software at their convenience.


Who is covered by the EES Agreement?

All faculty and staff with an active role at the University are covered by the EES Agreement; your name must appear in the UO online directory. If you are the primary user of the software licensed in the Campus Agreement on your computer at work, you may use the products on your home computer for UO business as long as you are currently affiliated with UO, or until the subscription expires and is not renewed.

What equipment does the EES Agreement cover?

The Microsoft EES Agreement covers all University owned equipment.

Can I use the software at home?

Yes, one copy of the ‘Work at Home’ versions are available to faculty/staff (students are not eligible) on CD/DVD only for a fee (price of a blank CD/DVD). This software is only intended for use at home for University related work. Check the CASIT Software Portal for media. CASIT may distribute installation media to faculty and staff.

Can I get a refund for licenses I've already purchased that are now available through EES Agreement?

No, licenses purchased elsewhere non-returnable. They are perpetual licenses and are still legal to use even if/after the EES Agreement expires and is no longer in effect.

Which editions of Microsoft Office are available under the EES Agreement?

  • Office 2010 Professional Plus
  • Office 2011 Standard Mac
  • Office 2013 Professional Plus

Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1. Is it the full version of the OS?

Yes, however, the machine must have a valid license for an existing Microsoft operating system. For equipment purchased without an operating system, with a competing operating system (Redhat, Solaris, etc.), or without a valid Microsoft OS license, you must first purchase a full version license of a supported Windows operating system. Subsequent upgrades will then be covered under the EES Agreement. The exception to this rule is that Bootcamp under OS X is considered a valid operating system for upgrading.

Can I install Windows on a Mac with Bootcamp or Parallels?

Yes. The EES Agreement covers the installation of Windows on a Mac using OSX with Bootcamp or Parallels. This does not require an existing Microsoft operating system license. As with other software covered by the EES Agreement, this only applies for Macs that are owned by the university.

What editions of Windows will be made available under the EES agreement?

  • Windows 7 Enterprise Edition
  • Windows 8 Enterprise Edition
  • Windows 8.1 Enterprise Edition

Do I need to upgrade my operating system, or can I perform a clean install?

Windows Enterprise edition will install on a new hard drive. The upgrade requirement is a legal requirement of the EES Agreement, but it is not enforced by the installer.

Previous CASIT Installations

CASIT will begin using the MS EES licenses on installations beginning July 1st, 2014. If CASIT has installed a previous license on your computer there is no need to perform an upgrade. Your current licenses are still valid.

Will CASIT install the software for me?

Yes, CASIT will continue to install software as requested, on university owned computers. CASIT will not install software at a user’s home.

Where can I download the software myself?

By authenticating with your Duck ID, you can verify that you are a CAS employee and download software from the CASIT Software Portal at this link (please note: campus network connection or VPN connection required; Firefox v.30 not yet supported).

Can we upgrade/downgrade to a newer/older software version?

Yes, you are allowed to run any new or previous versions of licensed products included in your subscription coverage that are released during the licensed period.

Are Multi-Language rights covered by EES?

Yes, you can run the licensed product in any available language. This includes the right to run the Multi-Language version of Microsoft Office and its corresponding features, such as a global interface and multi-language proofing tools.

Can I install EES products on my personal computer?

EES products can be installed on institutional devices only. Installation on personal computers is not allowed. However, Microsoft provides a “Home Use Program” for qualified faculty and staff. Please email for more information on the Home Use Program.


The Microsoft EES agreement is provided as a common-good to the College which means there is no direct cost to you or your department.

Who can obtain it?

Faculty and staff, for use on University owned machines (purchased with UO funds), including machines used by student staff.
Only those with an ’employee’ affiliation can log in to the download site.

Any Trial Version of Office must be uninstalled from a computer before installing CAS/OU’s site-licensed version of Office.