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Technology Purchasing

CASIT provides purchasing services to CAS departments, programs, and institutes for the purpose of procuring computer and other IT equipment for use by their faculty & staff. CASIT technology requests are ordered through Duck Depot, the e-procurement site for the University of Oregon. This site is designed to standardize computer systems purchasing to achieve significant savings to the University by leveraging volume buying discounts with qualified technology vendors.

Please Note: CASIT no longer facilitates the purchase of printers, and printing supplies. This service is managed by the Fleet Copier and Managed Printer Program, under the Managed Print Services purchasing initiative.

Visit the CASIT Technology Shop to find customizable CASIT recommended computers and peripherals. Thumbnails will open vendor configuration pages in a new window.

To submit an order, please fill out a Service Request Form.  If you would like to see your current order status or invoice information, please visit the CAS Department Manager Portal (DuckID authentication required).

Ordering Process

All purchase requests submitted to CASIT must be approved by a department budget authority. Once approvals and a departmental index are obtained, orders are placed with the vendor via Duck Depot. Please note, typical time to receive orders is 10-24 days after order placement depending on vendor turnaround. CASIT can, on a limited basis, provide a loaner PC in the event of an emergency.

Emergency Criteria

A machine is eligible for emergency replacement if the warranty has expired and:

  • Critical failure has occurred
  • Attempts to repair computer have failed