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CAS Computer Replacement Program (CCRP) Policy

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This program is intended to subsidize regular, four-year replacement of primary desktop/laptop computers in the College of Arts and Sciences; to improve record keeping of inventory and licenses; and to lower the cost of computers and desktop support services to The College.

The intent is to ensure eligible faculty and staff have primary computers that are not older than four years. Eligible faculty and staff can order a subsidized computer once in every four-year CCRP cycle.


The CAS Dean’s Office has established the following eligibility guidelines. To be eligible for the CCRP, the user must be:

  • Employee type B: Tenure Track Faculty
  • Employee types A, F, H: Officers of Administration
  • Employee type C: Classified Staff and Career NTTF


  • At .50 FTE or above in CAS

In addition to these, the user must have:

  • Not participated in the CCRP in the last 4 years, or
  • Primary workstation that is older than 4 years.

Users who are not eligible:

  • Employees of self-support units such as Institutes and Centers
  • Retired faculty or faculty on Tenure Reduction Program (TRP)
  • TTF,  NTTF, and staff below .50 FTE in CAS
  • Non-career NTTF/Funding Contingent (Employee Type E)
  • GE’s (Employee Type G)
  • Adjunct Faculty (Employee Type D)
  • Temporary Employees

When a faculty or staff member’s payroll is split between two or more CAS departments, eligibility for computer replacement will be in the department that pays the majority of the FTE. If FTE is split evenly between two participating departments, the department managers and employee discuss which department will be the employee’s home department. The chosen department will remain the employee’s main department for CCRP purposes.

New Faculty with start-up funds for computing equipment will be incorporated into the CCRP four years after their initial purchase.

Purchasing Guidelines


The CAS Dean’s Office provides a $700 subsidy for any eligible CCRP machine. Any purchases made outside of the CCRP process will not be reimbursed or subsidized by CASIT.  All CCRP purchases must have a warranty attached to the primary machine.

If faculty have resources available to them (i.e. in their activity code whether that is within the ASA index, ICC, or any other index/fund type) these funds should be used first to pay for the remaining balance of the CCRP purchase.  If those funds aren’t available or are allocated for another expense, then the department can pay for the remaining balance of the CCRP purchase.

Custom Computers

This category is for users whose needs are not met by the CASIT Shop. CASIT will work with individuals and departments to customize computers to suit specific needs. The following guidelines apply:

  • Orders must be placed through CASIT.
  • Custom computers must be either:
    • A laptop that will serve as a primary workstation. OR;
    • A workstation configured to include a single primary display, keyboard and mouse.
  • Custom computers must include a 3+ year warranty.
  • CASIT will only purchase from these authorized vendors:
    • Apple
    • Dell
    • CDW-G
    • DuckStore if applicable

CASIT will not subsidize:

  • Tablets, convertibles, or other mobile devices
  • Computers built from individually sourced components
  • Computers bought by departments outside of the four-year CCRP cycle

Emergency Computer Replacement

Emergency orders must meet the criteria below, and are subject to CASIT and department budget manager approval.  If approved, the purchase will be charged against the department’s future CCRP eligibility allocation.  A machine is eligible for emergency replacement if the following criteria are met:

  • The warranty has expired AND
    • Critical failure has occurred OR;
    • Attempts to repair computer have failed

If you need a computer immediately, CASIT may provide a loaner to meet your needs until the CCRP replacement machine has arrived.  This is subject to availability.

CCRP Process



July 1 – July 30 – CCRP Eligibility List review and approval process begins with the goal of finalization by July 30.

August 1 – November 30 – CCRP Ordering open to eligible users and/or departmental CCRP contacts from finalized departments.

December 1 – CCRP ordering reminder emails are sent out.

December 1 – April 30 – CCRP Ordering open to eligible users and/or departmental CCRP contacts from finalized departments.

May 1 – May 31 – CCRP closed and only emergency purchases are allowed.

May 1 – June 30 – CCRP Program Evaluation

Building Eligibility List

CASIT will send departments a link to the eligibility list in July. The department manager will then have an opportunity to review the list and contact the CASIT Office Coordinator with any changes. The Office Coordinator will respond to requests within three days.

There are four status indicators on the CCRP Eligibility List: No, Review, Yes, and Archived.

No: Employee does not meet contract eligibility requirements and/or has participated within the last three years.

Review: Employee meets eligibility requirements for participation, list under review with Department contact, may be chosen as final participant. Participation is decided by the Department contact.

Yes: Employee has been chosen by Department contact to participate in CCRP.

Archived: Employee is either on Tenure Reduction Program, less than .5FTE, no longer with the University, and/or they have moved to a department that does not participate in CCRP.

Scheduling and Deferral of Eligible Users

Once a department’s eligibility list has been finalized, eligible users and/or CCRP department contacts will be sent a link to the CCRP Order form via email.  Orders submitted prior to the finalization of a department’s eligibility list will not be processed. All CCRP Orders must be submitted using the CCRP Order Form, which is distributed after the finalization of a department’s eligibility list.

Department lists should be finalized as a group rather than finalizing individual eligible users one-by-one. Finalizing as a group allows the CCRP Team to keep more accurate records of department’s program progression. Users may place a CCRP purchase request at any time during the current CCRP cycle (August 1 – April 30). CCRP ordering black out dates:

  • Holiday weeks
  • First week of each term
  • May 1 – June 30 (Emergency purchases only)

Deferral Policy

Eligible individuals may defer participation in the current CCRP cycle. If an individual chooses to defer:

  • In the following cycle(s), the deferred individual will be eligible, in addition to the regular available spaces
  • The subsidy for the deferring individual is moved forward with the individual, until the deferred purchase is made
  • The maximum number of participation spaces (regular + deferrals) cannot exceed 1/3 of the total number of CCRP eligible employees for that department

Ordering and Delivery

The CASIT Purchasing ITC can assist with answering technical questions, building computer specs and track your computer purchase.  Please contact the Purchasing ITC at 541-346-6042 or email

When the user’s eligibility status has been changed to Yes, they or the department contact will receive the CCRP Order Form for their CCRP machine selection via email. CASIT will use this information to build a quote for Department Manager approval in the CASIT Dashboard.

Once order is approved by Customer and Department Manager:

  • CASIT will place the CCRP order.

Once a CCRP purchase has arrived, CASIT will:

  • Perform required inventory.uoregon procedures.
    • User’s department responsible for coordinating with Property Control for high risk asset tracking.
  • Install any requested software.
  • Perform data migration if requested.
  • Deliver machine to the end user.

Final Invoice:

CASIT Business Office will charge the index provided by the department. Invoice and payment information can be viewed through the CASIT Department Manager Dashboard Portal. Please note that the CCRP subsidy will first be applied to the mandatory primary machine’s warranty and then the remainder will be applied to the primary machine.