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Building/Editing A Survey


This article is designed to act as a supplement to the Qualtrics seminar conducted by CASIT Training. The Edit Survey screen is the hub for the content, flow, and appearance of the survey. This article will highlight each section and its constituent components. Click on any of the subjects below to proceed.

To create surveys with Qualtrics, click here.


There are a series of tabs that guide the user to the different steps of the whole survey process within Qualtrics. The Edit Survey screen is a “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) editor similar to the WordPress Dashboard.

The Main Menu

The main menu within the Edit Survey screen is similar to the ribbon menu layout seen within Microsoft Office located at the top of the window (highlighted in blue). Options in this menu include the abilities to modify the theme, behavior, and flow of the survey.

Qualtrics Edit Survey Ribbon Menu

The Question/Answer Space

The Question/Answer Space (highlighted in red) is in the main body of the survey. Each question type selected is displayed here. Question and answer text can be directly edited through a single-click. Questions can be entered via plain text (default), rich text, and piped text (from another question, outside source, etc.) as well as embedded data from an outside site or images. Each answer choice has different options that are dependent upon the question type like adding a comment box or explanation for an answer.

Qualtrics Question/Answer Space

Question Panel

Once a question has been selected, the Question Panel (highlighted in yellow) provides options for various question formats and respective options. By clicking on the green button, a full menu of question types become visible. Each question type has stylistic options made available by clicking on the arrow to the right of each available type. The style options can only be selected once the type is chosen. Below those options, survey logic options are available.

Qualtrics Question Panel

Question Options Menu

Once a question and its answer choices have been written, the Question Options Menu (highlighted in green) has options to add certain logic options as well as randomization of the answer choices.

Qualtrics Question Options

Question Block

The Question Block (highlighted in blue) is a group of questions that can also act as an organizational category for survey questions. There can be multiple blocks in a given survey with specific logic options found under the Survey Flow options (see The Main Menu). Each block can have a specific title (upper left corner of the block) and has a separate Block Options menu (in the upper right of the block) that act only on that block.

Qualtrics Question Block

Add Elements

This is the first set of options seen within the body of the survey in the Question/Answer Space. The survey builder can copy items either from past surveys or from the qualtrics library of questions. Also, a new item can be created with similar menu options as the question types section of the Question Panel.

Qualtrics Add Elements

Links to Additional Content

Qualtrics has expansive step-by-step instructions, articles, and videos on every aspect of their product. For more information, sign-in at the UO Qualtrics site then select Help and Tutorials (upper right corner of every page in the survey process) or click here.