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Survey Analysis and Reporting


This section will discuss the data analysis methods available within Qualtrics. Qualtrics allows the survey builder to export data to another program or two separate methods of constructing reports for dissemination. Click on any of the section titles below to proceed.

To create surveys with Qualtrics, click here.

Viewing Results from Respondents

Once your survey has received some data from respondents, one method of analyzing the data is exporting for another program to use. Qualtrics offers a few different format options as well as the capability of pre-arranging the process once the survey is distributed. The image below is of the Responses screen within the View Results tab. The list describes each highlighted section:

  1. The main menu for the View Results tab. The default screen is the Responses screen. From here, the survey builder can build reports, download (export) data, or perform Cross Tabulation (similar to PivotTables in Excel)
  2. This shows the completion rate of survey respondents who have at least started the survey.
  3. Shows the survey builder a detailed list of respondents who have either completed or yet to complete the survey.
  4. The area where the detailed list will appear once respondents have completed the survey.

Exporting Survey Data

Once the survey builder clicks Download Data, the screen below will appear. The list describes each highlighted section:

  1. This section allows the survey builder to download all data or data from certain questions or a particular date range.
  2. This section allows for how the data is to be displayed to the survey builder and when to download the prescribed data.
    1. Note: It is recommended to have answers shown as Choice Text instead of Coded Values as assigned by Qualtrics.
  3. This section has the list of available formats for export and respective descriptions of each.

Upon selecting all the download parameters, any downloaded data will go to the default download window of your preferred web browser.

Creating Reports in Qualtrics

Qualtrics currently has two separate methods for creating reports. The first is within the View Results tab under View Reports, the second is through the Reporting (beta, 2.0, etc.) tab found on the main menu. Each of the reporting methods allow completed reports to be exported to Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, and PDF format. Both methods offer similar tools to the same end, however, there are some procedural differences.

Creating Reports within the View Results Tab

To start, click on the View Results tab in the main menu, and click on View Reports:

Then click on Create a New Report:

Upon doing so, the survey builder will be taken to the first page of the report based on the first question of the survey:

  • Along the left-hand side (highlighted in red), all of the survey questions in the report will be selected. Unchecking each box to the left of the question will remove that question from the report.
  • Filters can be added to the report based on conditions from other questions of the survey.

In the right-hand corner of the report area, the report (once completed) can be copied, made public, or exported to another program as mentioned previously.

Additional options–including page layout options–can be found in the Report Options menu.

Creating Reports within the Reporting (Beta or 2.0) Tab

To start, click on the Reporting tab in the main menu. Click on Create A New Survey.

The survey builder will be asked to name the report and choose a folder to store it in.

  • Note: The report’s name and folder location can all be edited at a later time within the reporting building window.

Then, the survey builder will be asked to set the page size and layout for the report and which questions to include before generating the initial report.

Once the report is generated, the screen layout will have some similarity to the View Results method and the Edit Survey screen in its layout and functionality. Each graph and table have their own settings options in the Report Options Panel along the right-hand side of the window.

Each page of the report can be modified to best present the data as the survey builder sees fit through the use of the Report Options Panel along the right-hand column. The page layout can be modified (on a per page basis) in the Page Options menu or globally in the Report Options Menu just above the panel. Similar to the View Results method, each selected question will have its own page. The Reporting feature can also incorporate data from other pages through a drag-and-drop method as desired.

Note: Word clouds can be incorporated into the report for any text based question. To enter a word cloud, insert a graph associated with that question.

Links to Additional Content

Qualtrics has expansive step-by-step instructions, articles, and videos on every aspect of their product. For more information, sign-in at the UO Qualtrics site then select Help and Tutorials (upper right corner of every page in the survey process) or click here.