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Survey Distribution


This article is designed to guide Qualtrics users through the steps of distributing their survey to their desired audience through various email and social media channels. For more information, click on any of the section titles below to proceed.

To create surveys with Qualtrics, click here.

Activate Survey

After building the survey, click on the Distribute Survey tab in the main menu to send the survey to respondents through one of three main methods.

In order to distribute the survey, the survey must be activated.

Anonymous Link

Upon activating the survey, an anonymous survey link will be in the middle of the page. Copy the link and paste into an e-mail or website. (Recommended)

Email Survey

The Email Survey option allows you to distribute the survey via the Qualtrics internal method. By clicking on this option, you will be directed to the picture below.

This method allows for the creation of e-mail groups stored within your Qualtrics account. The panel name (which can be edited) shows the date and time of the panel’s creation as default.
Note: As of the creation of this article (July 31, 2014), the only method to add e-mail addresses to a group is to manually enter them one-by-one. No mass import function exists in this method.


As seen in the section above, panels are useful in sending out your survey to a specific group of people. Panels can be populated through inserting individual email addresses but are also created using pre-made lists. Click on the Panels tab to proceed. Click the Create New Panel button


Panels can be constructed by from manual entry of each email address or by exporting a CSV file:


In the Panels tab, you can:

  1. Add Panel Members individually
  2. Import a list of panel members by a CSV file or
  3. Import a list of panel members based on past surveys

Additionally, you can add panel members or configure it by using the buttons on the right-side.

Social Media

Surveys can also be linked to various social media channels. Click on the Social Media option, select a channel, then click Save and Continue to sign-in to your social media account and follow the instructions.

Note: In order for this method to work, your web browser’s pop-up blocker must allow Qualtrics to open a pop-up or be fully disabled.

Links to Additional Content

Qualtrics has expansive step-by-step instructions, articles, and videos on every aspect of their product. For more information, sign-in at the UO Qualtrics site then select Help and Tutorials (upper right corner of every page in the survey process) or click here.