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Bike and Desk Replacement Program

Introducing Bike Replacement Program and Desk Replacement Program

With the resounding success of the CAS Computer Replacement Program, CASIT would like to introduce the Bike and Desk replacement programs. These programs will help CAS faculty and staff to replace their aging bikes and desks with brand new, state-of-the-art bikes and desks.

Bike Replacement ProgramDesk Replacement Program

What types of bikes and desks are available?

CASIT has preselected road and mountain bikes that fit the Eugene bike culture. For desks CASIT has picked state-of-the-art desks that work great with your newly purchased computers. Both bikes and desks come in Standard or Standard Plus categories.

What if the bike or desk I want is not available?

The replacement program site will allow CAS faculty and staff to make custom selections as long as they provide CASIT with all the information regarding the selection.

Who is eligible?

Just like the CCRP program your CAS department will pick 25% of their faculty and staff every year to be eligible for a Bike or desk upgrade.

What about my old bike or desk?

CASIT will be happy to take those off your hands and surplus them.

Beta User Testimonials

“After I got my new computer from CASIT, I needed to upgrade my desk. This program helped me get the perfect desk for my new computer.” – James L., Coordinator

“With increasing gas prices and my current bike getting very old I needed a new bike. The bike replacement program helped me get the bike I needed to commute easily to work and home.” – Brittany B., Receptionist

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