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Looking for our CCRP policies? Visit our Policy page.


In these pages you can browse the hardware choices of the CCRP program. These selections are also representative of our recommendations for non-CCRP purchases as well. For ease of navigation, we’ve sorted the available computers into the categories below. For more information on the CCRP please refer to the CCRP Policy.

A note on prices: The prices you see listed in the categories below are the full educational price of the configured machine. The full educational price of configured machines are subject to change by the vendors at any time. A $700 subsidy will be applied to all eligible CCRP purchases.

A note on extra items: If you want any extra items, or slight changes applied to your CCRP order (e.g. more RAM, extra monitors, specific software) please include those as notes in the order form.



The computers in this category are configured for users with moderate computing needs. Some examples are:

  • Word processing and editing spreadsheets.
  • Email and internet based workflows.
  • Creating PDFs.
  • Data entry, Student Data Warehouse, and Banner.

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Standard Plus

The computers in this category are configured for users who require increased processing power and more RAM. Some examples are:

  • Audio/video/multimedia creation and editing.
  • Running multiple high level applications simultaneously.
  • The use of statistical packages and/or scientific software.

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This computers in this category are configured for users with advanced computing needs, beyond the needs of the Standard+ Category. These machines have been configured with a bias towards performance over cost. Some examples are:

  • Experiments, Research and Simulations
  • Data Visualization and Analysis
  • 3D rendering
  • GIS Software

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Please see the CCRP Policy for information regarding custom CCRP selections.