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CAS GTF Computer Purchase Program

Some brief points to work from:

  1. We will only install MS Office and only the basic software required by a department for their graduate students (e.g. STATA for the Econ dpartment.) The point being standardization  for the department so we do not do custom installs for individuals.
  2. No customization this year so we can see what the work flow will be like. We do not want to negatively impact our Helpdesk.
  3. We will look into offering mobile device management tools the departments can opt-into.
  4. Eligibility will be .4 FTE or greater, and must be a three term appointment (fall, winter, spring).
  5. User accounts will be generic to the department level (e.g. bioGtf12)
  6. Laptop only.
  7. CASIT subsidy will be 50%.

Qualifying computers (sourced from CASIT Standard CCRP computers)

MacBook Air 13″

  • Processor: 1.8GHz Dual-Core i5
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Hard Disk: 128GB Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • Video Chipset: Intel HD Graphics 4000
  • Monitor/Display: 13.93″ (Built In)
  • WebCam: 720p FaceTime HD camera
  • Included: Thunderbolt Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
  • Weight: 2.93lbs

Dell Latitude

  • Processor: 2.6GHz Dual-Core i5
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Hard Disk: 500GB Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
  • Video Chipset: Intel HD Graphics 4000
  • Monitor/Display: 13.3″ (Built In)
  • WebCam: FHD camera
  • Weight: 3.64lbs

Apple iPad
32GB, iPad with Retina display


CAS GTF Computer Purchase Program (GCP) Policy

Looking for available computer models? Visit our shop site!


Computer hardware and software are essential tools in the work performed by CAS GTFs on a daily basis. Continual changes in technology make it advisable to have a systematic plan and policy for purchasing computers to assure that such tools are consistently and reliably available to GTFs.


This policy is intended to encourage regular purchases of laptop computers in the College of Arts and Sciences; to improve record keeping of inventory and licenses; to provide incentive to prospective GTFs; and to lower the cost to the College of ongoing individual computers and of desktop support services.



Effective fall term 2013 the College of Arts and Sciences will provide financial and administrative assistance to departments in the acquisition of new laptop computers for GTFs. The standard replacement cycle for computers under this program is four years. Existing computers will be redeployed as appropriate within the department or CAS.

The computer purchase program is administered through CASIT, who will work with departments to identify needs; purchase, set up, and deliver the computers; provide consultation services; and work toward redeployment of existing machines. CASIT is also responsible for developing and publishing annual schedules of hardware and software recommendations.

For purposes of cost sharing, departments may employ departmental equipment funds, any other departmental funds.

Eligible GTFs are .4 FTE or greater, and must be at least on a three term appointment when coming into the UO.

Any purchases made outside of the CCRP website will not be subsidized. CASIT will not reimburse departments for purchases made through The Duckstore (UO Bookstores), or other purchasing centers.

CCRP Purchasing Categories

There are two purchasing categories:

  • Standard Laptop
    • This category is targeted for GTFs who have normal computing needs. Examples of applications that would be best suited for Standard package are email clients, internet browsers, Adobe Reader, and Microsoft Office software.
  • Tablet
    • This category is targeted for GTFs who have moderate or very mobile computing needs. Examples of applications that would be best suited for Standard package are email clients, internet browsers, a pdf reader, and possibly Microsoft Office should it be released for iPads.

CCRP Subsidy

Financial assistance is dependant on the category of the machine chosen. This assistance is:

  • Standard Category: approximately one half of the cost.
  • Tablet: approximately one half the cost

CCRP Departmental Prices

How CASIT determines departmental prices:

  1. CASIT determines the prices we charge once a quarter.
  2. CASIT finds the educational market price* for each machine, in each category from manufacturers with UO contracts.**
  3. CASIT adds approximately 2% to the educational market price allowing for price fluctuation based on previous purchasing history, giving us the base machine price.
  4. CASIT takes the base machine price and subtracts the subsidy price, rounding to the nearest $5 dollar increment, giving us the departmental price.***

*Includes cost of required hardware warranty.
**In the event of shortages, leading to industry wide price spikes, we reserve the right to adjust prices as necessary.
***All Dell Machines include a $10 cost, added after rounding, to account for CASIT subsidized Microsoft OS License.

Ineligible Users

The program does not apply to (are not eligible):

  • GTFs under .4 FTE
  • GTFs teaching less than 3 terms a year

Emergency Computer Replacement

If a GTF needs an emergency computer replacement outside their year of eligibility, the department should contact CASIT for help in making the CAS-subsidized purchase. These requests will be approved on a case-by-case basis. The department relinquishes a future GTF purchase allocation for each approved purchase. Contact CASIT with any questions.

Departmental Charges

A Journal Voucher will be created to move funds from an appropriate departmental account to CASIT account. The Journal Voucher will be created after computer/hardware has been delivered to the department. Invoices can be viewed through the CCRP website.


CASIT will:

  • Provide a list of computers eligible for subsidy. Eligible models will be viewable at our shop site. All purchases must come from the Standard choices displayed there.
  • Set-up (install requested software, add to CAS Inventory) and deliver hardware.
  • Create a Journal Voucher to move funds from an appropriate departmental account.
  • As directed by your department, CASIT will work with you to redeploy your hardware within your department. For any hardware that you choose not to redeploy in your department, CASIT will work with you to surplus the equipment, either to other departments in-need or as e-waste.

Participating departments will:

  • Notify CASIT about the number and type of computers to purchase.
  • Record the member(s) choices by adding those choices to their departmental order through the CCRP dashboard.
  • Finalize the order within a three week time period.

CCRP Timeline

General Information

In spring term departments are asked to rank their preference of academic quarters for participation in the GTF computer purchase program. Departments should consider all relevant factors, including fiscal matters, faculty needs when ranking their preferences. CASIT will take that information and balance the workload over the necessary timeline to ensure GTFs have a working computer in fall term. CASIT will strive to give departments their first choice. Once the purchase schedule has been set, departments must adhere to their assigned selection window. This allows CASIT to stay on schedule and to best serve all CAS departments in a timely and efficient manner.


CASIT will select departments to participate in the program on a rolling basis throughout the academic year. Each department will be given a three-week window to complete and finalize their purchase order.

During this period:

  • Office Manager/Department Head/Purchasing Agent then collects the choices of the department.
  • At this time these selections should be reviewed and then entered into a departmental order in the dashboard. Orders may be saved and edited as selections are recorded.
  • After the choices are recorded, and by the three week deadline, the Office Manager/Department Head/Purchasing Agent will finalize the order.
  • Once the order has been finalized, the Office Manager/Department Head/Purchasing Agent will be unable to make changes.

Ordering and Delivery

After the three week window:

  • CASIT will place the order.
  • Departmental orders typically arrive in 3-4 weeks after CASIT has placed the order.
  • Departmental deliveries typically occur one week after the Computers/Hardware are received and processed by CASIT (see Procedures above).

Total estimated GTF Computer Purchase timeline from order to completion is: 6-7 weeks.