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File Sharing and Network Storage

CASIT offers several flavors of networked storage space, we have free options as well as paid version of storage depending on what your needs are.  In most cases after you decide on your needs and size requirments we can help by manging the storage space and using Active Directory to make security of your new data storage a easy to update task.

All of our storage costs include mangment of the network storage at no charge when you sign up for storage you get:

List of Included File Storage Services at no cost to you:

  • Changes to user access, either additions or removal of user accounts
  • Security group changes to groups of users
  • Permission changes to files, folders or sub folders
  • Consultation on best practices for storing and administration of data
  • Restoration of lost files (this is free if the data is less then 1 month old, if archival recovery is required we bill this at $60 per hour)